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Chapter Three of Justice Unity Heroes

This is the third chapter to my book.

Chapter 3:
The First Battle

“Killer Squid attack and destroy the subs that are heading our way!” Blaze said.
“Aye, Squids attack!” Killer Squid yelled.
Suddenly hundreds of Giant Squids appeared and were able to go on the surface of the water. Two subs were completely destroyed before the JUH came.
“That’s not going to stand!” Whale Rider said.
“What?? What’s not going to stand?” Haven Boy asked.
(And, with a harsh tone Whale Rider replies.)
He summoned all kinds of whales that take care of Squids: Killer Whales, Sperm Whales, Dolphins, Narwhals and Belugas. Whale Rider turned into a sperm whale himself. Silver Wolf started chasing Inferno, and clashing with fire and sparkles and moon rocks all over the place. Insane Boulder charged at Dark Static. Right before Insane Boulder smashed where he would have been five seconds later, the beast form of Rocyress crashed into Insane Boulder and sent him flying overhead.
“Well?” Rocyress inquired.
“What?” Dark Static said stunned.
“I normally welcome a returned thank you for saving people.” Rocyress replied.
“I’m not normally saved.” Dark Static answered.
“Oh well.” Rocyress said, as his smile lowered to a frown.
He chased after the just-crashing-to-the-ground-Insane Boulder-50 ft. away. They began to wrestle and toss and turn with Rocyress at the upper-hand. Space Hawk and Navy Wing were after each other, fighting and striking with their axes a blur. Light Wire approached them with a smile. Navy Wing blocked an axe slice from Space Hawk and swung it to the side. Then, he shot a nuclear beam, sending the toppling and twisting Space Hawk falling into an empty space, and then 20 feet sprawling to the ground. At the same moment, Light Wire shot a lightning channel at Navy Wing, throwing him to the ground right next to Dark Static. Light Wire landed, and charged at the waiting and steady Dark Static. Right then, Dark Static threw a boomerang device. It hit Light Wire and did nothing.
“Ha! Your weapons are pitiful. I’ll DESTROY YOU!” Light Wire yelled.
A smile appeared on Dark Static’s face.
“Wait for it….NOW!” Dark Static yelled.
Navy Wing stood up and shot a surprised Light Wire with nuclear power. As soon as it hit Light Wire, she turned to ice.
“Oh YEAH!” Navy Wing said. “Any Words? Huh? Guess not.” He laughed.
He turned to look at Dark Static, but a tentacle grabbed him by the legs and pulled him down to the sea.
“No!” Dark Static yelled as he tossed a boomerang.
It hit way under Navy Wing. It exploded. Navy Wing got away free. The squid screamed and hurled itself above the not-knowing-what-to-do-Dark Static. Right before the dead thing crushed Dark Static, Navy Wing was a streak of blue; and he grabbed the waiting-to-be-pounced-on Dark Static. The squid fell with a big thud on the ground.
Killer Squid yelled. He charged them. He threw some water attacks at them; but Dark Static and Navy Wing were too agile. Dark Static tossed a boomerang. It turned into a net and tackled the running Killer Squid. He turned to a squid and broke the net, and turned back to a man. He wasn’t as good with his reflexes. Navy Wing stroke with his electrifying axe; and then Dark Static landed a big leap and ninja kick right into Killer Squid; taking him right out.
“Fall Back! RETREAT! NOW!” Blaze said.
“They work to well! Fallback!” The freed Metal Forest yelled.
The anti-good team left.
“Well, that was a shock.” Haven Boy thought a loud.
“That what?” Silver Wolf replied in a jolt.
“I thought we wouldn’t fare so well.”
“Hmmmm. Guess we proved you wrong. That’s what I told you. If we fight like a team they fall. Good work heroes.” Mystic Fang put in before Silver Wolf had a chance.
Silver Wolf shook his head. “This isn’t over quite yet my friends.”
“Aye; this is only here the beginning.” Rocyress moaned.

* * * *
The Justice Unity Heroes went back to the new Silver Wolf’s cave, turned into a good big base. The first level was where people came in, and out. It had a little food court and eating place. The next level underground was the rooms that the heroes stayed in. The third level was the gym and training area, where heroes could practice their moves and arts.
“This is a nice place, Silver Wolf…” Haven Boy said.
“Yeah, it’s a good place for people like us. The command center bridge and the hanger are on the fourth level if you want to check it out.” Silver Wolf replied in a diplomatic answer.
“There’s a little cruiser coming up and landing on our moon, a little ways from our base.” Malachi yelled.
“What does it look like?” Forest Ninja sped up to take a look, with Aqua ninja right behind him.
“Yeah, I and Forest have seen a lot of cruisers.” Aqua Ninja raced.
“Well, it’s little and black with markings on it.” Malachi answered.
“It’s the Shadow’s cruiser. We ran into him once. A pretty good fighter with an arsenal of things. He has interesting powers, but he’s more on the evil side.” Forest Ninja announced after a glance.
“Silver Wolf, Aqua Ninja, Zathuran and Mystic Fang, let’s give him a greeting.” Forest said with a grin in his eyes.
The group got in a moon speeder. They drove off the ground hanger, where speeders were. It was an opposite hanger from the space ships. They sped really fast to the just landing cruiser. The lowering down opening platform dropped and a medium tall figure in a black suit stepped out.
“Ah, Forest Ninja.”
“What do you want? You’re a villain and alone, so you’ve basically walked into a hero covered moon, and are greatly outnumbered.” Forest Ninja said.
“Please, I’m here now as a non-villain. Ice Gotham has frozen my family, taken them, and burned my house, and my base. I have no idea how he found me. I tried to follow him, but several people jumped me, and everything went black. I awoke to my place being destroyed, my family gone, and not a room left up. They are making a weapon. Only one thing affects it, and that is my shadow gun, but they have stolen it. I need help getting it back, and freeing my family. I must take revenge on Ice Gotham.” Shadow replied.
For the first time they noticed he was hurting badly.
Mystic Fang cast a spell and Shadow was healed.
“Thank you, my new allies.” Shadow said gratefully.
“Your welcome.” Mystic Fang replied.
“We will move your ship into our hanger. Get in, and follow us.” Forest Ninja said.
“That’s just it, my ship’s engine blew. It was lucky that I landed in one piece.” Shadow said.
Zathuran, who hadn’t spoke since they encountered Shadow let out, “Great. Look’s like I’m going to be flying while carrying a nice sized cruiser on the way back instead of lounging in the speeder.”
“You’d be guessing correct my friend.” Mystic Fang replied.
“Oh well.” Zathuran said scornfully.
He picked up the cruiser and flew away. The speeder followed.
“Zathuran, I’m picking up a cruiser coming in head on. I do not know if this is a friend or foe. It doesn’t look like any of our cruisers.” Forest Ninja said in the intercom.
“Great. Let’s see who it is. I’m going to put the ship down just in case.” Zathuran spoke with thought sound in his tone.
His feelings were right, because Blaze’s attack cruiser came in view.
“We don’t have the type of guns on this speeder!” Forest Ninja yelled as he maneuvered from one of the laser cannon blasts.
“Well…” Silver Wolf murmured as leaped through the ceiling.
Mystic Fang groaned. “I JUST PATCHED THAT!”
“Well now you’re going to have patched it again!” Silver Wolf yelled into the earphone COM link.
“NO! You’re going to have to patch it!” Mystic Fang answered in a shout when he fell back his seat from Forest maneuvering against the blasts.
“Stop arguing. Silver Wolf; let’s show them the way how to fight.” Zathuran said to break the fight between his comrades.
Silver Wolf leaped on to the attack cruiser. He made his way to the laser cannon. He dropped a rock on and fastened it. Then he bolted to the other side laser cannon. And did the same thing. The cannons blew up. He fell, but caught the bottom.
“Ohh! The engine!” He said.
“He’s going to blow my engine!” Blaze yelled.
Metal Forest scraped the ground, smashing Silver Wolf.
“No!” Zathuran said in a bolt of anger.
In the little time Zathuran knew Silver Wolf, He had come to love him as a brother. Zathuran and Silver Wolf were really good friends. Zathuran flew right towards the cruiser. He flew right through the glass into Metal Forest and slammed him into the back wall. The cruiser hit the ground.
“Why you little; I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” Zathuran yelled out loud.
Smoke Screen kicked Zathuran through the wall. Zathuran hit a moon rock formation. Reinforcements were flying down on the atmosphere. Rocyress was coming from one direction. Zathuran flew speedily down, then turned around and flew as fast as he could into the cruiser. Rocyress smashed into the cruiser at the same time. All the villains inside were bunched together. Blaze broke through. Every villain came out, and new villains with that. Shadow ran and turned into a shadow. He appeared behind Shadow Demon who was attacking Silver Wolf. Shadow shocked him with his metal pole. Star Beam walked behind Shadow stealthily. Silver Wolf leaped forward. He grabbed Star Beam by the neck. He tossed him into Insane Boulders outstretched fist that would have knocked Silver flat. The smash knocked Star Beam out cold. Now, enraged; Insane Boulder leaped at Shadow and Silver.
“We’re in trouble.” Shadow said.
“Back up.” Silver said.
They backed up to slow. Insane Boulder was upon them. Sun Ninja leaped. She tossed an explosive at the big moving rock from behind. It just sent him sprawling for a moment. Then he turned on her and charged. She ran fast away for her life. It wasn’t fast enough. Silver Wolf spun into sparkles. He appeared in between Sun and Boulder.
He was in his sparkle mode. He caught the huge fist in his little hand like thing. He swung the big boulder guy around into the ground. He let out a yell. A purple sparkle ray went from his hands into Insane Boulder. Everything was purple around him. Insane Boulder let out a scream; in reaction to the radiation. He jumped into the radiation ray towards Silver Wolf.
“Oh my moonerwolves!” He yelled in distress.
Suddenly, the hand forced into and crushed Silver Wolf’s. He jumped and swung the pitiful wolf thing. He was falling to the rock fast. He span, and smashed Silver Wolf into the ground. Silver Wolf was out for good this time. He wouldn’t wake up.
Rocyress turned.
Insane Boulder was just beating up the knocked out Silver Wolf.
“You dare to try and kill my ally?” He asked in an evil voice.
He dove very fast and accurate. He slammed into Insane Boulder. Boulder slammed into a moon rock mountain and it fell over. He ran at Rocyress. Rocyress flew at him five inches above the ground. They crashed in dust. All the fighting stopped to coughing for a couple of minutes. Both odd creatures flew in opposite directions as they crashed. Rocyress charged again. He could see through the dust, and Boulder did not even have a chance to look at what was approaching him. He turned into water. While holding Insane Boulder. Boulder, like Silver Wolf, was out for the rest of the battle. Rocyress reshaped himself. Sun turned to see Light Wire and Space Hawk approach her. She did three back-handsprings. She tossed a boomerang at Light Wire. It exploded in water and shocked her. She fell to the ground. Space Hawk landed. He touched Light Wire.
“You are going to pay for this!” He shouted.
Sky Ninja, Sun’s younger brother, stepped in front.
“Try. You won’t get through me.” He said boldly.
He was being a bit to not concentrating. Space Hawk attacked. The well trained boy was no match. He leaped onto him, swung let go; and leaped at Sky. Sky had passed out from fear. Aqua turned. He leaped grabbing the passed out Sky. He was going to land on the ground him above Sky, but spinned. This stunned him. Forest turned around just to see Aqua stun himself to save his friend. Space Hawk flew to them.
“HAHAHA! You thought you could defeat me? A little boy untrained?” Space Hawk taunted.
He had his electrifying sword raised to attack the move less boy, who was awake listening and watching.
Sun ran to him. She hit him out of the way and hugged the boys. She turned to Space Hawk.
“You’re wrong. They are trained. Their actually very good. You have an advantage over them. That’s why you won.” She said red mad.
“And that’s the same way you will to. Only, you will be hurt much more. Maybe even fatal.” He smiled and ran at her.
She winced she backed up. But this would not save her. He hit her with full electric force. She screamed and fell back.
“Now, your life ends.” He said in an evil way.
She curled herself up. He was about to stab, when another sword clanged it up. She opened her eyes. Her hero had finally come. Forest pushed the sword hard. Space Hawk stumbled back.
“Hey, who do think you are? She deserved that for hurting Light Wire. She must die!” Space Hawk yelled.
“Over my dead body. Kill me first if you can.” Forest said angry.
“It will be a pleasure. I will kill you first. Then she will.” He ran swords outstretched.
Forest pulled out his swords. He didn’t feel confident. He charged to face the on approaching foe. They clanged swords. Both were really talented and skilled. Though, with the first clang, Forest new who had the better swordsmanship. He new who would be dominant. And it was not him. He just tried to keep up, and pulling some good moves. But he new this wouldn’t last long. Dark Static was taking his arched nemesis. Red Fox threw a sharp boomerang sides at him. He dodged; then went back to his spot. Red Fox gave a chuckle. Dark Static knew what he was chuckling about. He timed it perfectly. The boomerang came back. He moved at the last second. He tossed several sharp little boomerangs with his own. Red Fox was smiling. As soon as he saw Dark Static do his move; a lot more boomerangs were coming at him. He frowned; as he had no time to retaliate. The force felled him to the ground. Dark Static threw a net on him.
“There. Now I don’t have to deal with you again.” Dark Static said as he turned.
He turned to Forest fighting with Space Hawk.
“Oh my gosh! He shouldn’t try to take Space Hawk on by himself.” Dark Static said to himself as he ran to help.
Forest had just lost his swords. Space Hawk raised his; ready to come down on top of Forest in a matter of seconds…but when he did, Forest rolled away just in time. Space Hawk flew to him. Forest hadn’t got up yet from the roll. Space Hawk landed and had his sword on Forest’s neck. He would have brought it fully down; when Forest swung his leg around Space’s, and pulled. He fell onto the ground. He got up at the same time as Forest. He let the punch go first; then gave a mighty kick. Forest was forced five feet back from the kick. His face hurt from the punch, but forced himself up. He looked forward. Space Hawk was flying at him speedily. He had no time to dodge. He was smashed to the ground. Space flew up, and circled upside down to be charging down fast, directly at Forest Ninja! He would have smashed Forest Ninja down into the ground with his speed, but right before he was kicked out of the way. When he rolled onto his back, Dark Static was in his face.
“You tried to kill someone.” He said in a mean way.
“I kill lots of people.” Space answered in a cruel tone.
“You tried to kill Forest Ninja.” Dark Static flashed back.
“So?” Space Hawk asked.
“I helped him several times. I trained him a little bit!” Dark Static answered.
“Who cares??” Space Hawk said.
“You will!!!” Dark Static said as he smacked him hard.
“Ouch! Take this!” Space Hawk yelled madly.
He flew up, hitting Dark Static; and grabbing him. He flew up and arched. He flew straight down, holding Dark Static below him.
“Now!” He yelled.
He kicked; and he fell to the ground. Zathuran caught Dark Static and flew away. Space Hawk flew after them..
“Oh no you don’t!” Forest yelled.
Space Hawk turned.
“Make me!” He yelled.
Suddenly, coming at his face was a boomerang. It hit him with full and hard force. Electric waves flew out to him. He was electrocuted, a charging electricity. He screamed. It charged to full power and exploded around him. He fell to the ground with a broken body.
“So it ends.” Forest Ninja said triumphantly.
Sun ran into his arms. Space Hawk tried to pick up himself then fell back to the ground. He felt no more strength in his body.
“We must leave!” Blaze yelled.
“We are no match for them. We have to get back…Right away!” Shadow Demon yelled.
The villains retreated hastily. The heroes went back to their hide away.

* * * *

“Hey, want to go to the cafeteria?” Zathuran asked as he walked into Silver Wolf.
“Sure. I feel starved.” Silver Wolf replied.
They went and grabbed food and sat at a table. Dark Static, Aqua Ninja, Forest Ninja, Sun Ninja and Sky sat down.
“Mind if we intrude?” Sun asked in her sweet voice.
“No, that’s alright.” Silver Wolf interrupted Zathuran.
“Ahem!” Zathuran yelled impatiently.
“Oh, sorry; did I interrupt?” Silver Wolf said.
“Never mind.” Zathuran replied.
“Man, I feel like I could eat a whole buffalo.” Aqua said.
“It practically is.” Sky replied.
“Oh, and thanks for leaping and grabbing me before I was slaughtered.” He added.
“Well, oh wait. How did you know? You were out cold.”
“My big sister actually told me.” He said nodding at Sun.
“Oh, ummmm, that er. You’re welcome.” Aqua replied.
“Dark Static, thanks for coming to my help with taking down Space Hawk. You know, I think he took steroids.” Forest said.
Everyone bursted out laughing. Threw giggling, Dark Static said his welcome.
“And thanks for going along with my and Zathuran’s plan. Wow; I tell you that was a good plan. He’s probably not done recovering from that shock.” Dark Static added.
“I must say, Forest; you have a pretty good sense of humor.” Zathuran said.
“Yeah, that’s how I got to be with him.” Sun said.
“What? I thought it was because I trained you and saved you from that thug that turned out to be the same one who I beat up before at your house and he almost killed Sky.” Forest inquired.
“Oh, who cares? Either way we’re with each other! Right?” Sun answered.
“Yes. You have a point.” Forest said.
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Navy Wing said.
“Ohm, beg your pardon, that’s a good thing.” Zathuran obliviously pointed out.
“Oh, oh oh! Right, sorry. Hehe. That’s what I meant.” He raced away, terribly embarrassed.
The others just bursted out laughing. Sun’s face turned red also.
“Hey, ohm; there’s another ship coming in!” Mystic Fang yelled.
“It looks weird too!” Haven Boy called out.
They all raced out onto the platform. The huge bluish silver cruiser landed. A being walked out. He had a white robe on, a very long one. He had pure white face with long blue hair.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Zathuran asked.
“Well who do you think I am?” He said in a very kind familiar voice.
Zathuran grabbed his head.
“I know that voice! Think. Think Zathuran!” Zathuran yelled to himself.
“Well who was there to help you in the first fight with Blaze? Who saved your servant from him?” The figure asked.
Zathuran’s eyes sparkled.
“Berry!” He ran to his old friend.
(For any of you confused, this is the big turtle in the prequel, or let me put it in better terms. This book is the second.)
Zathuran introduced everybody to his old friend.

* * * *

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