Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Holy Spirit & Worship

Why am I not surprised that i got seven full pages of notes on Wayne Brooks' sermon? It's mostly because that this sermon was a wonderful long one, but short at the same time. He went into extreme detail with everything he presented. Of course, like always, he ended with, "I wish I could dig deeper into this, but I can't." After all, it was time for the sermon to end, but I'm beginning it right now. So, what role does The Holy Spirit play for us?

I. The Holy Spirit Communicates the presence of God.

Mostly, this sermon takes flight in John. First look at John 14: 16 - 18. By the Holy Spirit's work, Christ becomes real to us. Also, in this passage, Jesus describes this: That the Holy Spirit (Bieng the Helper in the passage) will be with us Forever. His main role is to intercede for us, to make the presence of God, the reality of Jesus Christ real, as I already said.

Then in John 16:14, we will see that another main purpose of the Holy Spirit is to Glorify Him. (Him bieng Christ Jesus or God, or Both.) And really, if you happen to notice, one of Scriptures' main storyline is the Presence of God. In other words, you see him in every story. Moses in the Flaming bush, Saul when he turns to Paul because of Christ's presence, God was with Noah in the ark, and many other places. People notice God's Presence through the Holy Spirit.

II. The Holy Spirit Declares Truth To Us
Another very strong passage is John 16: 12 - 15. Take a look at that and see how strong it is. The Holy Spirit will guide us through all truth. And another thing to remember: IT IS ONLY AS WE GRASP THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD THAT WE CAN RESPOND IN WORSHIP. Make note of that, please, and ponder it sincerely. It sounds that I'm closing right now. Look at John 16:12 the first part for whatever. This is not just like teaching, it is way more vital to you. We cannot Worship unless if we understand a little thing. Until then, we can't worship.

If the Holy Spirit did not shine a spotlight on God or Jesus, We could not respond in worship, we would not understand, we would perish because we'd have no help, because we couldn't grasp the truth. Take note of that, especially.

Now, read the full thing of John 16:12, would you? That is now my message to you guys who read this. (Or girls, but we know my point:)

Mac Over 'N Out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

No "OFF" Switch for Worship

Well, as you can clearly see, i'm doing another post on a sermon...The first scripture we see is Romans 12:1. There are a lot of scriptures in this, so you may need your bibles because i can't take the time or length to post every scripture, but i can do every reference. So, look up Romans. As you can see, we're supposed to give our bodies as a living sacrifice. David, our pastor, went on to point this out: "Evangelism, serving, giving, repentance, etc...Everything can be worship." Romans 1:9, Hebrews 13:16, Philippians 4:18 and Psam 51:17. Look those up, will you? I am going to quote this one, as the passage is the name of our youth group: 1 Corinthians 10:31: "So, wether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." Remember this: Singing is not the definition of worship. Worship can be lifelong. So, in truth, there is no "off" switch for worshipping God.

His next point was that, just as all life can be worshipping God, it is easier that all life can be Idolatry. Another reference to look up is Romans 1:24-25. Really, all sin is idolatry: Collossians 3:5. ANother thing to consider: Sin does not stop us from worshipping, rather, it redirects, or "CHANGES" what or who we worship. So, in particular, we see that all of Sin is creating us to worship something but God. So, another question is this: It is not are we worshipping, the question is What Are We Worshipping? Anything can be worshipped, from a grain of sand to a Mustang car, or a toy, or even a drink. And, unless God draws you to him, you will always sin. Now there is a terror, and no doubt about it. Always try to lift up your eyes to the Glorious One, and the only one worth worshipping. Keep that in mind...

Mac Over 'n Out.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This was amazing what i read this morning for our church...for Josiah Wells, if you have been doing your reading for the church, you know, the deal...Everyone should read Romans Chapter 4, it's amazing...just to know that I do have a hope in Christ Jesus...that I could also be credited with righteousness for my faith...although I don't have any, not as much as a grain of sand...that I can be saved. Especially the last five verses...they are really encouraging. I think Paul has a lot of wisdom that he shares...it seems that only someone who has walked with him can put in those words. Just thought I'd make it seem interesting:)

Mac Over 'n Out...