Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Back...with a cold, but nevertheless...

Okay, so I am back, but the problem is I am sick...Which is not good if i do not get better before sunday. So, I will want to go to church no matter what...even if i'm still a little sick. It was definitely not fun in washington to the fact that there was not a church for about 3,000 miles, give or take. But...If i hear any of my friends complain how cold it has been here...They are not going to want to see me again...BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF FREEZING!

Sorry, but that was a little cruel...maybe, just maybe.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Post From Washington...not so cold anymore:)

Today I went to the Museum of Flight with my Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle. Oh, and my youngest sister Alyx...Charli woke up last morning sick, and threw up twice on the way to the airport to pick up our cousins. Poor little sister. This morning we decided that it would not be a total wise decision for her to come with us, as she threw up again this morning. My Grandparents are complaining about my appetite: If you know me well, you'll no that it is almost impossible to drag me away from the table. Even though it is after Christmas, we're going to have our family Christmas tomorrow, Sunday. Oh, by the way Joe, i'd like it if you post about Sunday so that i can have an understanding.

So far we've not done too much...we've been snowed in a lot lately. For me as a Floridian, a high of 37 degrees on the first day and everything bieng white was kind of different.

Mac out... I'll give updates when i can, doncha know.

Oh well Pizza is here, and if you know me...oh, let's not go there. It's been REALLY hard not to eat my cousins out of house and home.