Thursday, October 14, 2010


This past weekend was awesome. "Past" being Oct. 7-10. This weekend was as close to being perfect as ever: Our church went to a camp-ground in the 'woods' of FL...not really woods, but give poor Floridians a break (It is true that they are missing out). My family bunked in a lodge with two other families. So I pretty much spent twenty four hours a day with my group of best friends: My two sisters, Breanna Wells and Ashley Beloat, who are like sisters to me. Noah, Breanna's younger brother, was with us too. Unfortunately their older brother couldn't make it (Due to work. Yay for work, blech for taking him away lol).

To add to this, our church also had a couple services on the campus with worship and sermons. The messages were based on Heaven. I had the closest picture of Heaven in my life. So, then with Friday we worked on getting settled in, had a service in the evening. Sat. morning was...completely different. All of us went to an outdoor lakeside chapel, where we sung hymnals, just like churches of the ancient day would have done.

Saturday...after the morning service, it began to get a little weird. Our homegroups competed against each other in several games. The ending game was between Four Twelve and Thrive: Our middle school + high school group against our singles. The game was to eat all of the contents of a bag: Full of disgusting foods, such as sardines, pickeled beats, chewy candy bars (Some said it was disgusting, others liked it), and I had to drink a full tin dressing thing of Ranch. I love Ranch. But...that was just to much. So, when I was back and saw ranch dressing in my refrigerator, I almost threw up. Unfortunately, we foolishly decided to play on the tire swing...when me and Ashley and my sister got off of it, we had to lay down on the grass for a half-an-hour before trying to get back to our lodge. (So that we wouldn't look as if we had been drinking :D).

Then it became awesome. Later that night, we had HUMAN FOOSBALL. I'm serious. It was a large enclosed box with a net surrounding it. Poles attached the right side to the left. Slider plastic bars were attached to the poles, with ropes for someone to hold onto. That was utterly awesome. But what was magnificent came next: At the end of the game, we still had an hour and a half till Curfew (11:00 P.M.). So, we went down to a field by the lake. We were stargazing when fireflies started coming out! I had two crawling on me at the same time. It was also fun to lay in the wet grass.

Ya happy I posted? I think the last post was a month ago. =O