Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's been such a long time since i've posted

I'm gonna try and pick blogging back up. It's been since *last year* I've posted. For an important reason, Grace Church has been preaching on Legalism. I've known of this problem a long time. Little did I know that I had one HUGE problem with it...I am now aware of this huge road block in my life. It's truly always a problem, even when it's microscopic. David Traugott, one of our pastors, used a very descriptive example. He had a huge container full of water. He took some blue dye enough to fill half of a table spoon. As soon as it hit the water, no matter the size, it spread within seconds, and the white water was gone. Legalism can't be contained, at least without God's strong help. The Offense Of The Cross, as put into words, is against and offensive to our natural sinful selves. Examples of Legalism: Judgmentalness, (Yeah, didn't think that was a word, but i think you get the idea) arguing with someone, because it puts up your standard, and legalism is a standard. I just felt it necessary to warn. Don't try to be so judgmental. Now, if something is truly wrong with someone, don't do it in a judgmental way. I hope this helps,