Saturday, May 30, 2009

LIFE...Why does everyone think it suffering?

Okay, this is a new random post for the desire of Josiah Wells. Why does the title happen? Why do people just look at their own problems and not other people's problems? I'm not accusing, or pointing the finger, get it in your mind that I'm just pointing this out, no matter how much it seems as if I'm accusing. The U.S. of A take a lot of things for granted. Why? Because they do not get a very sharp look at the rest of the world. People here with Psychological problems, cancer problems, and other diseases can get rid of them, thanks to the highly trained medics around here, and they seldom seem to understand that they cannot get that kind of attention in Africa or Austrailia, or other places for that matter.

Even people with some finance problems don't see that they have it well. Most people in Africa don't even have a roof over their heads, actually, that was mindless. A few in America have lost their homes. If the Government, or someone else with the brains, (I say that instead because the Government doesn't seem to have much brains) could help them the way they should, and not just give them money, it would actually do good. I'm NOT saying that it is terrible and useless to give money to the needy, but training is needed as well. Okay, I think I'm just going to stop right here, because I'm sounding to...I have no clue what you'd call it, but your thoughts are much appreciated here in this situation, so feel free.

Lee Over and Out.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Psalm I Wrote

Whenever I am attacked by my foes,
Whenever I am afflicted by my enemies,
It is my God my Savior that saves me.
He raises me on eagles' wings,
He lifts me up on his steadfast rock,
and he is that steadfast rock.
There is none as Righteous,
There is none as Worthy,
There is no Holly but my Lord and only God.
My Savior moves the mountains,
And only he can save.
There is none like him,
For he speaks with thunder and lightning.
O Lord, make me aware of your power,
Your infinite righteousness and wisdom,
Your steadfast unfailing love.
There is absolutely NO measure that can at all keep track of your love.
You turn, O Lord, All my storms into Blue Skies.
You are completely Omnipresent, and no one can change that.
Your wide might has no end,
No one can match you.
Rid me of myself, oh Lord, I belong to you.

Lee out.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Be Strong and Courageous...How?

By and with God, that's the answer. When I read the second line on the note sheet, my heart sunk. The Old Testament had not really been one of my "Wants" to hear preached on. Unfortunately, I was motionless with my notebook and pen...but when I heard Wayne Brooks say something interesting, I just almost jumped up and started writing things down as if I was in haste. Key: ( ) are my thoughts.
Full text: Joshua 1:1-9
I. The Purposes Of God
Joshua 1:1-2.
The first exact thing we notice is that Moses, (God's servant, for those who don't KNOW) is dead...but then immediately see that even though he is dead...God's purpose is anything but that. Know that the works of God is not even at all dependent upon men. In fact, men are dependent on God's works. The next thing that I noticed was this: That it is necessary for us to be faithful in the work God has given us. (Does that include school?) God will accomplish all of his works.

II. The Promises Of God
Joshua 1:3
When God says this verse to Joshua, he is really saying, "Feed your soul on the promises that can never, ever fail." That is extremely powerful to me. Then, just by that quote, you know God's promises never fail. With that brought up, then we can know that even when it seems that he is not keeping his promise, he actually is. It's hard to understand, sure, because we don't understand his way of keeping promises. In truth, it is actually US who are not really keeping OUR promises. Also, if you've been a christian for a long, or even short time, you'll notice in the scriptures, and even in your life that God has the most strange and not exactly out-right way of keeping his promises, but yet he always comes through, no matter the case. Remember that God, unlike us, can keep his promises.

III. The Precepts Of God.
Joshua 1:7-8
"The law drives us to the gospel to be saved and the gospel drives us to the law in order to help us know how to live." What an insightful quote by Samuel Bolton. (No clue, unfortunately, to this Bolton's true identity.) Take this into heart: If you love God's Laws, you will be wiser than those older than you. You must also Meditate on God's word and Obey him.

IV. The Presence Of God
Joshua 1: 5 & 9
So, I'll just sum this up for you.

  1. Moses is dead, but the purpose of God is not.
  2. Moses is dead, but the promise of God is not.
  3. Moses is dead, but the precepts of God are not.
  4. Moses is dead, but the presence of God are not.

When a great leader dies, you have to remember that the presence of God is more valuable than that of a leader. Just as he was with Moses and the others, he will be me. (Wait a minute, maybe I should investigate that further.) When He said "I Will Be With You" he is proclaiming his presence. Then, looking at that, you can tell God has a passionate compassionate love for you. That is not in any means light stuff, in fact, to me it's heavier then heavy stuff, if you know the expression. Well, unfortunately thats all I have that I can give you.

Mac Over 'N Out

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