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I thought while I wait I can give you the second chapter.

The Cold Hearts
“Okay, so this is the cavern?” Shade asked in a whisper, not wanting to take any chances.
“Yes. This is way to the not-so-used base.” Golden Eagle replied in a flash whisper.
After nearly fifteen minutes the group slowed to a stop. The inclined ice path took to a sharp turn, then, a little down the way, another turn to an ice bridge across a cold lake inside the cavern. There was a little ice wall in front of them, so they could not see. Shade tossed something to the ceiling of the cavern He pulled something else out. It was a laptop thing, not so big, but not so small. He moved the joint stick, the camera moved and, the screen was moving. He zoomed in.
“Okay. So it looks like…three turrets aimed at the bridge, 30 people inside the base, computers, oh, the soldiers have weird guns, and, in the back of the base, the lake comes up.” Shade announced in a whisper.
Dark Panther and Silver Otter exchanged glances. Then, followed by a grin, Dark Panther let out…
“Guys; I have an awesome plan.”
“Good, that’s what I was hoping.” Celestial said.
“He always does.” Snow put in.
* * * *
“Okay, leap into the water Silver.” Dark Panther said.
“But, but, but…IT IS SO COLD!” Silver Otter yelled.
“You, are you nuts?!” They heard that.” Dark Panther said.
With that, he shoved Silver into the arctic water.
* * * *
“Did you hear that yelling??” The Commander of that base asked
“Yes!!!” The lieutenant replied.
“You ten! Five scouts and five heavy troopers go and scout that bridge over there.” The commander commanded.
“Yes sir!” The ten answered.
“Take captive all you see and bring them to me.” The Commander said.
* * * *
“Guys, this does not at all look good.” Shade said as he pointed to the screen.
Dark Panther turned to look at the screen Shade pointed to. Ten men were coming across the bridge at them. They didn’t look friendly, because they had heavy weapons.
“We’re in trouble.” Dark Panther whispered.
“Who told you?” Celestial said.
“Back up, slowly and quietly.” Shade said.
They backed up slowly. They were hidden around the corner, but that wouldn’t be enough. It looked as their dark minute would be coming up. Until Silver leaped up onto the bridge. The men turned around and ran down to the bridge, to see the otter rush into the water. The others ran down and scared the troop; and they tried to run to the base for more defense. Dark Panther shot an arrow and ice came in front of them blocking them from their base. Thoughtfully, Silver came up on the other side of the base, when the commander was going to use the computer to contact one of the other bases, to come and help. Quickly and skillfully, Silver swung his sling, and several metal balls landed on the computer, and they were electrifying. It blinded everyone for a second, and then they aimed at the otter. Or where the otter was about five seconds ago. So they couldn’t help their comrades or call for help. They were not all useless after all. They had weapons that in about twenty-minutes they’d break through the ice.
“Sorry, but it doesn’t look like you’ll be returning to your base.” Dark Panther announced as he notched an arrow.
“Oh well. Take THEM DOWN!” The leader of the troop said.
Dark Panther notched several more arrows.
“Feel free to try.” Was his unafraid answer.
“Golden Eagle, Celestial, destroy them!” One of the heavy troopers said.
“Sorry, but I’ll back down that answer. As you can see, we were caught.” Golden Eagle replied.
The heavy troopers raised their missile launchers. Dark Panther reluctantly tilted his bow to the side, and released. The five arrows went into the missile launchers, making them useless, they pulled out their pistols and swords.
“Well, this is going to be fun.” Gray Wolf said, a smirk appearing on his face.
He raced and leaped at two of the heavy troopers. Spear clanged against sword. The two raised pistols. Gray Wolf realized his mistake. Before the triggers clicked, the otter leaped 10 feet above the water, and in mid air his sling swung, timed the let go, and released a strap. Two balls hit the pistols hands and threw the guns from the men’s hands. Before they knew it, they were fighting oddly against Gray for their lives. Several times he could have speared them right through. But he didn’t; he was having a little too much fun.
* * * *
“Hunter?” The Commander asked inside the base on the other side of the ice and fight.
An armored figure stepped up.
“Here sir.” He said and bowed.
“Get out there, use your fly pack and fly over the ice. I heard Celestial and Golden Eagle are traitors. Get rid of them.” The Commander said with a sinister look.
“Yes, consider it done.” He flew over the ice.
“HUNTER!” Golden Eagle said.
He knocked out the two guys he was fighting, and flew up to meet Hunter.
“Golden Eagle, you betrayed me. I shall cut you down!” He flew forward and caught Golden Eagle by surprise. He would have slaughtered him, if Silver didn’t leap up and knock him to the side. Silver fell to the ground.
“Silver!” Dark Panther said as he leaped for Silver.
He caught him right before he hit the ground. Silver was hurt.
“Shade, take him behind this battle. Protect him.” Dark Panther said, with anger.
“Aye, Aye.” Was Shade’s reply.
He used sound to bring silver back to the place where he left his computer/control thing. He made several big balls. He controlled one. He moved it into battle. It had to laser guns that would only stun people and send them stumbling backwards. It also had metal arms. Snow Hawk was using his bow as a sword like thing. Shade made the robot ball like thing move forward to help him. A heavy trooper with a sword went for his probe. He dodged skillfully. This would soon not help him; the heavy trooper would slice his probe soon.
“Shade,” Snow Hawk said as he hit a guy and stole the sword,”Here.”
He tossed the sword. Shade opened the probes hand, and then closed it, holding the sword.
“Thanks. This is going to be sweet!” He yelled as he slashed the sword madly.
Several other troopers saw the mad probe. It was spinning swinging the sword. It was literally dominating their comrade. Four went up to challenge the mad probe. They were all soon knocked out. Gray decided to end the fight with the two he started a while ago. He didn’t spear them, but swung fast knocking the swords out of their hands, and knocking them out. He tied them together.
“There. You two shouldn’t be able to make more trouble.” He said; trying to keep from chuckling.
Silver was fighting valiantly. Three were fighting him, with swords. (Although he only had his claws, don’t be too fooled). One sliced at him, he dodged. Another one tried to come down on his head. He clawed the sides, span, and tossed the guy, into the head of the other guy, knocking out the man who was charging. The soldier he threw went tumbling and smashed his head on the ice knocked out. Silver swung his sling. Two balls went flying on to the first one, before hitting the man, popped a net coming from the two balls. He did the same one curled into the ice.
“Well, you know what they say. The bad guys always go down.” Silver said laughing.
As if on cue, a guy came and went to slice his head from behind. Gray leaped, holding one spear up horizontally; and the sword came down on the metal spear.
Silver dived through Gray’s opened legs and grabbed the guy’s feet. The man fell, and a net came on top of him. Snow hit a sword out of a guys hands, and brought down the crossbow on the guys head; sending him out cold. Snow put a net on him. Celestial knocked out the other guy. Golden Eagle and Hunter were fighting above, like maniacs. Hunter looked down. He shot a weird looking bullet at the ground. It sent all the heroes on the ground speeding for the other side of the bridge. Golden threw a hard claw punch on Hunter. Hunter dodged and threw a mad punch which landed on Golden Eagle’s face. Hunter flew and smashed him into the ice mountain in the cavern high. He took his knife out.
“THIS IS FOR BETRAYING ME!” He yelled as he pulled back.
The knife was aimed at Golden Eagle’s neck.
“NOOOOOOOOO!” Celestial yelled.
Before Hunter could stab; a figure fell, or leaped down. Who, no one could tell. It was red and falling fast. It landed on top of Hunter. They both were falling to the ground. No one could have saved them. Right before they hit the ground, the red figure kicked Hunter, breaking his fall. He sent Hunter into the water. He did a back flip; and landed neatly. He turned; revealing a Red Panda!
“Scarlet Panda!” They all said at once.
Excluding Celestial and Golden Eagle, they didn’t know who he was.
“Yeah. Hi!” Scarlet said.
“What are you doing here?” Shade asked intently.
“I’ve kind of been spying. I’m considering doing the whole team thing again. I have a sidekick. We were in different places; but he should be here soon.” Scarlet answered.
Several minutes later; a figure leaped down. It was another red panda shaped.
“Legion of Animal Warriors, Red Panda, Red Panda Legion of Animal Warriors.” Scarlet Panda introduced them.
The base weapons broke through the ice.
“Oh, perfect timing. If I do say so; CHARGE!” Silver said sarcastically.
The guns aimed at them that were mounted on the base.
“Guys, you might wanna cover you’re ears. Scarlet, LET THEM HAVE IT!” Red Panda yelled, and then covered his ears tightly.
With that, Scarlet let out a sonic call. The weapons fell off the ice wall, and the ice base wall was torn from its foundation.
The troops screamed in agony. Scarlet stopped the Sonic Call.
Recovering from the call, the commander barked,” ATTACK!”
“Brace yourselves.” Scarlet called.
The troops opened fire. Scarlet and Red jumped in front of the legion, took out metal sticks, and swung them in an arc, deflecting the blasts. Dark Panther pulled out five arrows, notched them, leaped back and shot. The arrows went into the guns. Dark Panther back flipped, notched more and shot. He repeated this. Eventually they had no more guns that were useful. Two grabbed two swords. They charged at the heroes. Red and Scarlet jumped and landed in front of them.
The swords moved fast. But Red and Scarlet deflected each slice and jab. Red hit one sword down and moved up the other side, hitting the man’s other hand with a sword. The sword flew into the water. Scarlet copied this move. Now their opposing enemies only had one sword. Red and Scarlet swung quickly; lashing out at their enemies. They hit the cutlasses out of the opposing hands. Then Red leaped. Scarlet caught his hands, swung and sent the two men sprawling into the water. Red Raven was hacking with his flaming axe. He hit two people; but three others jumped and hit his axe. It went flying twenty feet away. He tried to leap at it, but a heavy man smashed him into the wall. One ran at him with a sword raised high. Scarlet was still spinning. He saw the dilemma. Several people were coming at him. He threw Red at the guy who was going to strike Red Raven. The guy went sailing into the water. Scarlet faced the on-coming foes. He drew his weapon.
He fought like an insane fighter, moving fast and taking strikes at people. Shade used sound to throw one guy into another guy. A man ran at him. The man was about to slice him in half and then he disappeared.
“Where did he go?” The man asked his comrades who were coming to help.
Suddenly, he fell, and before he hit the ground, was tossed into the water. The men exchanged glances. Someone fell with a clawed stomach. The invisible Shade picked him up with sound, and smashed him into three other guys and sent them all flying into the arctic waters. Shade reappeared. He was laughing so hard he almost passed out. Snow Hawk was sniping from the sky, shooting people, nets coming out at them, and catching them. Silver was leaping from the waters, whirling his sling and netting people. Occasionally, he’d leap up across the bridge, and grabbing people into the water.
Dark Panther was shooting people with nets. Whenever someone would come up, he’d use his bow as a sword. The Commander noticed that he was taking his troop down as quickly as they could be spotted. Hunter was gone, but his utility belt was still intact. Commander Talon took the guns. He aimed at the occupied Dark Panther. Dark Panther finally took out the guy that was trying to hit him with his bow. He aimed for another person who was running toward him. He did not see Commander Talon. But, luckily, Silver did; who was in the water, charging to leap where Talon was aiming. Talon shot; one laser, than another, three seconds apart. Silver leaped into the lasers, which was aimed right at Dark Panther’s head. Silver was slammed to the ground in front of an enraged Dark Panther.
Gray turned from the five he just beat up. Talon aimed again at the charging Dark Panther. He would wait where Dark Panther was too close to dodge a laser. Gray hurled a spear, which pierced through both guns, and pulled them out of Talon’s hand into the water. A swordsman ran in front of Talon at Dark Panther. Dark Panther gave yell, and leaped forward at the unsuspecting man with furious and terrifying speed. With great timing, Dark Panther swung his bow, hitting the guy in the side of his neck, knocking him out of the way. Dark Panther took an arrow and shoved it at the man. It netted him. Dark Panther sped toward the smirking Talon. Talon turned and turned back, revealing a gold dangerous bladed sword. Dark Panther didn’t even take a care of the sword, except that it was nice. But; he didn’t stop; he just ran faster.
“Dark Panther!” Celestial yelled.
Dark Panther turned, but didn’t slow down. Celestial threw a sword towards him.
He leaped, and caught it with ease. He was upon Talon now. They fought madly with streaking speed. All other fighting stopped. One, because they were watching the leaders battle. Two, because all bad guys were down and in nets. Dark Panther swung he sword corked as he swung with deadly speed and accuracy. He slashed the handle of his oppose. The Golden Sword was flung and it stabbed in to the ice right side up. While Dark Panther was marveling at his nice stroke, Talon kicked Dark Panther. The sword flew out of his hand, and Talon caught it. Dark Panther ran and leaped at the golden blade. He turned with it in his hand with just enough time to block Talon’s rough slash. Talon new that his nemesis had the upper hand. The others looked as if they were going to jump in and defeat him. He needed a plan. Suddenly it came to him. He knocked Dark Panther down. He hit blocks on top of the base by throwing the sword at them. Soon Dark Panther was blocked off, to jump in the water. Talon turned to the others.
“If you want him alive, then stop coming closer.” Talon said as he backed up to the bridge to turn and run.
Shade flew up and dove for Talon. Talon threw the sword at the block. The block started rolling down the roof and would soon crush Dark Panther. Shade landed and stopped the ice block. He tossed the block into the water. Dark Panther shot an arrow over with a cord attached to it. He climbed the wall around him that Talon had created. He jumped and landed on the ground. Talon had gone.

* * * *

How is it???

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Red Pandas

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I've Got nodda to post, so I'm just going to say that the next post will most likely be on Sunday depending on where I am. I'll most likely post about the sermon. I hope Wayne does the sermon he was going to because it looked interesting. Even though we didn't get to do it, I felt a positive change about Grace in the spirit. All i'm going to say.

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A realization...

I realized about how much people start thinking about themselves when they hurt themselves. This also goes for me too. I could think I can stand everything, just becuase i've got hurt in a few ways. Like, the other day I got a slash on my chest. It is in the shape of a half of a hoof of a horse. And then a few days before that I was making a youtube video with one of my friends. Only, while doing a stunt on a tree, I missed the branch that I was supposed to catch and swing to another lower one. Only i missed, and found myself dropping in an air sheet.

Down, Down I went. I landed in a terrible position on a sharp upward pointing root. I hurt my tailbone, but I need to realize that at the height I fell, I could have had a lot of worse injuries. So I think that we need to realize something. That God is a wonderfully lover as well as a protector. It wasn't because of me that I landed how I did. I'm not fighting to find work just for food. I'm not faced with having to move out of my house because I couldn't pay for it, like my neighbor had too. It's very easy to take for granted all that we have. I've noticed this, and I'm very happy that I have a soveriegn protector in my heavenly father. That just came into my mind, and I had to give out.

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I'm Going to post random!