Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Loving Compassion For Hopeless Sheep

It has been awhile since I've posted on this blog. I ask forgiveness, as it really wasn't my fault. Actually, I was even unable to use the regular log-in, I had to go to another's blog to do it. Anyway, I'm straying from my subject:
Matthew 9:35-38 Please, look this up. The materials you will need for this: A small leather bible, if you don't have one then a big leather bible, or any bible, reading glasses if you are going blind, and possibly a notebook for notes. Okay, maybe I'm going a little overboard with this thing.
I. The Condition Of Lost Humanity

Two examples of this:
  • Harassed and Helpless
  • Like sheep without a shepherd.

Without Christ, people are: Sinful, lost, helpless, fallen, rebels, guilty, God-haters, hell-bound and the like. Another thing for you Christians: You were like this before God and Christ rescued you, you were no different from them. Look at 2 Kings 7:3-9. We are the lepers. In our first scripture, notice Jesus' response to this. His response was loving compassion, not hate or down-looking.

A few things to remember: That we were lost at one point, and mostly still are. (In the mind and in the world) Evangelism is a spiritual discipline, not a spiritual gift. If you are a christian, there is no excuse at all to not evangelise. Christ must be proclaimed.

If you are silent, the devil wins. This is definitely not right, therefore, you must:


Mac Over 'n Out

P.S. We are laborers in God's Harvest.

P.P.S. The line above the first P.S. is getting old, and i mean old.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Song From Big Daddy Weave

Here's the lyrics to a song called "We Want The World To Hear," It is a very amazing song, and just to prove, look at these lyrics, why don't you?

Eternal King, we bless Your Name
For You were and You are, forever You will bePraised in this place
And Lord our hearts are yielded
We give them only to You God
There is none righteous
There is none worthy
There is none Holy but You the King
I will live my life to sing of Your wonder
To shout of Your glory
so creation will hear God
We want the world to hear
Oh sovereign King this heart is free
From the death that I was born into
You put Your Grace out on display
And in response I can help sing Your praise God
Hallelujah we singHallelujah we cryHallelujah we’re living for Your Name, Jesus
Hallelujah we singHallelujah we cryHallelujah we’re living for You

Very Insightfull song, is it not?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Doctrine Of Adoption

Alright, so the first scripture, or (Main Scripture) I should say, is...Galatians 4:4-7. Well, now isn't that interesting? This Doctrine Of Adoption has presupposed that man is not naturally apart of God's family. According to the world, they are stumbled by this. Isn't it weird, that most of the people in the world are not exactly, shall we say, of Christianity? But yet, they call themselves children of God? That stumbles me. So, if you're not a son of God, then Who's Son Are You? Clearly, you are of the devil. There is no in between standing, you are either a son of God, or a son of the devil. I would rather be son of God. Only to the men that believe and have faith in him he adopted.

The Highest Privilege Possible is to be invited into God's Family. Isn't that the truth?