Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Song From Big Daddy Weave

Here's the lyrics to a song called "We Want The World To Hear," It is a very amazing song, and just to prove, look at these lyrics, why don't you?

Eternal King, we bless Your Name
For You were and You are, forever You will bePraised in this place
And Lord our hearts are yielded
We give them only to You God
There is none righteous
There is none worthy
There is none Holy but You the King
I will live my life to sing of Your wonder
To shout of Your glory
so creation will hear God
We want the world to hear
Oh sovereign King this heart is free
From the death that I was born into
You put Your Grace out on display
And in response I can help sing Your praise God
Hallelujah we singHallelujah we cryHallelujah we’re living for Your Name, Jesus
Hallelujah we singHallelujah we cryHallelujah we’re living for You

Very Insightfull song, is it not?


4girlz said...


Mac said...

yiss, yiss I did...

Oatmeal23 said...

that is such a cool song! i've never heard of big daddy weave before.

osiah said...

Very Worship for a Christian band, i like it.


I had to type "ultio" this time. lol

Mac said...

Haha. P.S.: I'd do another post, but it won't let me.