Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks For Everything, God

So I guess I should add a thanks for... list, since it is the day to do it. Most of them are probably friends (Who don't read my blog)...

  1. My family.
  2. The Wells family.
  3. The Youngs family, who take me almost everywhere...
  4. The Yandells who often let me spend the night when i need too...
  5. Turkey and Stuffing And Gravy...
  6. Food period. Except for maybe all seafood...
  7. My wonderful church that i go too.
  8. For the Moores in Montana who i've never even come face to face with...
  9. Grizzly and Thunder, my dogs...(No telling what kind of trouble comes there)
  10. Pizza is a very high food on my food list...
  11. Extended Family...WAY TOO NUMEROUS!
  12. Jon And Stephanie White, and there new daughter Laura Kathleen White, which I helped with the name. (Not like i'm bragging...Maybe i am. Don't know for sure...)
  13. Florida
  14. I guess everywhere, including India...
  15. Christian Music that i can listen too...
  16. Thanksgiving...
  17. Christmas...
  18. Good Friday...
  19. Easter when i got baptized...
  20. Ah, i guess fun and wonderfull memories that are once again too numerous...
  21. Metro Life Church...(Maybe)...(Fine, yes)
  22. Wayne Brooks Our wonderfull head pastor...
  23. David Trauget...(No clue if i spelled it right)
  24. West Orange High
  25. My crazy friends that are on my basketball team at Metro...
  26. School(Totally sarcastic) (Maybe)
  27. Old series like MacGyver that keep me occupied...
  28. Working hard, because it brings forth good and happiness...
  29. Other families that i might have missed...

Well, that's it for now... Oh wait, my book. I'm thankfull for my book which is massive at this moment for an unproffsional writer like me....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chapter 4 of law

Now, I am no professional writer at all. But, I think it get's better as time flies by, and then you have some amazing powers with these warriors, who seem more like superheroes. Essentially they are, and i don't care if i spelled that right. But the leader wouldn't say so, because to him, Superheroes are "Proud.". And also they just go in with out a battleplan. That is against his rules. This chapter is kind of interesting, as the LAW figure out they've got a new addition to the team, and a new nemisis for Talon...

P.S. If you haven't read the previous chapter, or you're just curious at the rest of the previous book, press the label book at the end of the post. K?

A Desperate Breach by the Unknown

“Are we ready to launch it?” Dr. Jacobs asked.
“Yes. Let’s let her rip. Start all burners. Commencing launch.” Talonstrike said as he walked into a shuttle with his new space station attached to it.
The computer took count. 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1. BOOM! The shuttle shot off into the sky like a rocket, approaching space quickly.
“Get into the space station now! As soon as we hit space we’re going to detach from the shuttle!” Talonstrike called.
They went into the portal and came out on the other side in the space station. They hit space and detached from the shuttle. Iron Block detonated a bomb that they put into the shuttle. They didn’t want it falling back to earth. The launch was a secret; and if they were caught it would be a big charge against them. The Legion of Animal Warriors would attack them, that wouldn’t be too easy, but it wouldn’t be hard. But if it landed somewhere on earth, everyone knows the shuttle making. They’d blame USA, and then USA would say they didn’t launch, and the whole world would be against them.
Sure, they could take on the USA alone, but not the whole world. That would be suicidal. The shuttle blew to smithereens a little after they had detached. Talonstrike smiled. His plan had gone accordingly, and there was no sign of the LAW.

* * * *

“Dang! We’re too late!” Lava Blade yelled aloud when he saw the explosion.
He wanted to meet this enemy, because he wanted to see their strength. Although he was young, he was still just as fierce as his master, Silver Sword.
“Not particularly. We have a space ship, we need to get back to our base and take off.”
“Righto. Let’s go and get after the pests.” Aqua Arrow said.
They rushed to their base and in the cruiser. Dark Panther took the pilot seat, with Shade in the co-pilot seat. The others took seats behind computers, for research and for little laser guns and missile controls. They took off after the orbiting space ship.

* * * *

“Hey, sir; there’s a reading saying a cruiser is headed toward us.” Slay Owl said to his commander.
“When Dark Panther escaped he must have had the time to copy our plans.” Talonstrike said.
“What should I do?” Slay Owl asked.
“Shoot it down with heat seeking missiles.” Talonstrike replied.
“Aye, aye sir.” Slay Owl pressed a button that shot five heat seeker missiles at the approaching craft which couldn’t be seen, as it was not out of atmosphere yet.

* * * *

“Oh no; there are five heat seekers coming toward us Dark Panther.” Snow Hawk said aloud.
“How can you tell that?” Shadow Spear asked.
“We have high up technology. Thanks to Shade.” Snow answered.
“Impressive.” Came the reply.
“Retaliate!” Dark Panther yelled as he maneuvered away from the missiles.
“Hold on!” Silver said as he shot heat seekers back at the missiles.
The missiles blew up the others. Dark Panther turned around to the station which was orbiting the other way.
“Who would have thought a bat was a genius?” Emerald asked.
“Ever heard of the guy named Tim Shadow?” Shade asked Emerald.
“Why yeah, who hasn’t? He’s like one of the best with technology. I just realize that if he was a warrior, he could be invaluable to any team.” Emerald stated.
“You’re looking at that guy, in bat skin.” Shade said.
“Whoa! You mean you’re Tim Shadow?” Emerald grew hyper.
“Hold on, we don’t have a prayer of catching them unless we either turn around the other way, or we take a hyper boost.” Dark Panther said.
“I say we take the boost, doncha know. It could be hours before we meet them at the other side, what?” Aqua Arrow joked.
“Alright. Buckle up, this will be bumpy.” Dark Panther said as he pressed the boost button.
They were pressed backs upon the seats as they rocketed toward the space station which was now in clear view, but still far away.
“They weren’t blown to pieces by those missiles!” Talonstrike yelled.
“Get to laser turrets and missile cannons!” Dr. Jacobs yelled.
Fight broke out. Lasers lashed out at the maneuvering cruiser, which obviously to the people in the station, knew what they were doing. Silver aimed at a turret in the top deck of the station. He let the laser go. It smashed the gun part of the turret to pieces, and sent the occupant crashing into the wall.
“Aim at the bay doors! We’ll try and take it from inside, Lava Blade; you get what you want after all! Let’s do this sharp!” Dark Panther yelled out from his seat.
All their missile and laser turrets turned their attention to the bay doors, firing constantly. The bay interlock doors blew up. The cruiser landed inside the bay, and Shade held a shadow beam at the entrance, so that they could not breathe in space. They all got out of the cruiser, to get their weapons ready and be met by Talonstrike’s army. Dark Panther, Aqua Arrow and Emerald Bow stood at the back firing arrows over their allies.
Lava Blade hacked away with his whirling blade, anyone’s blade flying all over the place. Eventually, He was circled by a whole lot. He could not stand these numbers, but he still fought with intensity. He swung his axe blade around him. No one dared to come near the dominate axe. He stopped, and Silver Sword leaped to help his apprentice. They stood back to back; slicing and whirling their blades. They took numbers down constantly, but they were getting tired.
Shadow Spear leaped to help his comrades. Throwing shadow around knocking troops out, he helped them. He blocked and stabbed with his spears. Silver was swinging his sling as usual; opposing a threat against the army. He knocked people senseless with his sling. Shade used sonic calls to hurt their ears, and then he stabbed with his daggers. Snow Hawk sniped from the ceiling of the bay.
He took down troops with regular arrows and nets, shocking arrows also. Red and Golden Eagle attacked from up top, diving down, striking then flying back up. Red and Scarlet Panda fought like a team. They two had a circle around them. Shooting lasers out of their metal sticks and swinging them like a double sided sword, they desperately fought. Gray and Celestial leaped in like a lightning bolt. Celestial hit around with his sword and shield. Gray stabbed with his spears, and swiped. Dark Panther was nearly out of arrows. He pulled out his shield and tossed it at a guy who was near the rapid fire Emerald Bow. They were all nearly out of arrows.
“Golden Eagle, Snow Hawk and Celestial, come over here!” Dark Panther called.
Soon all the shields were out in front.
“We’ll charge the rest with shields.” Aqua Arrow noticed.
“Exactly, Charge!” Dark Panther yelled as he ran, others following.

Silver Sword stood over, protecting his fallen apprentice. Silver Sword tried to block every stab that could hit him or the out cold Lava Blade. He couldn’t hold it forever. He heard the shout and turned to see his comrades coming with shields out front to batter the enemy. While he turned he was taken down by a spear. This made the others charge even faster. Silver jumped in with his sling whirling it at the troopers. They backed up. They did not want to face him.
He grabbed the two and jumped out of the way before the oncoming charge. The shields collided into the frozen troops. Talonstrike’s army was thrown every where. Before a while, all were down in nets. Suddenly, a cruiser came out of a deeper bay. It almost flattened Golden Eagle in the air.
“Let’s get to the cruiser. They cannot escape!” Dark Panther said as he ran head long for the cruiser.
“I hear a bomb ticking too!” Shade picked up a bomb, and tossed it further into the space station.
He was the last one in the cruiser, as it lifted up; and then it shot away just in time before the explosion.
“Extra boost. Let’s catch up with those evil villains!” Dark Panther shouted as he pulled the accelerator.
The ship flew faster and faster after the other. They started targeting and firing at Talonstrike, but the pilot in that ship was experienced. He dodged every blast. Dark Panther didn’t have much boost left. Shade shot something at Talon that he didn’t see. It was a tracer. It stuck on right before the ship boosted off. Dark Panther followed the tracer slowly, not wanting to come to close.

* * * *
Talonstrike was all most clear of the atmosphere, and was now in sky; descending ever so slightly. They were just landing at their hidden base. They had only taken a third of the whole squadron to be on the space station. When they landed in their hanger, something was definitely wrong. Most of the cruisers were totally destroyed.
“What joke is this? If I find one of you responsible, come clean now, or later if I find out; you’ll be in a pile of trouble!” Talonstrike said fiercely.
A general of Talonstrike appeared out of a shadow. He had been seriously hurt. He had scars all over him. Mr. Jacobs looked intently at the scars. He then noticed how those scars were made.
“You’ve been whipped!” Mr. Jacobs said in shock.
“Yes, like others who couldn’t take it, and sorry to say are not with us anymore. We were attacked by something berserk. We couldn’t really tell what it was, looked something like a squirrel. He had a terrible vengeance against you too.” The general noted Talonstrike.
A flash of horror struck him. It couldn’t be Whiplash, could it? He wondered.
“What did he look like?” Talonstrike asked in a voice of fear.
Mr. Jacobs looked worried. Talon wouldn’t be afraid of just anything.
“Well, he had a whip, as far as you can tell already, a hat, ohm; oh, and a pistol. Obviously with some special bullets; as you can note all the blown up things around here.” The general gave descriptions.
“Holy molly; sounds by the description Whiplash. I, well, let’s just say I did something to him. Something I’m probably going to regret soon. But I bet I can handle him.” Talon said, trying to regain his composure.
“Sir, I’d like to hope that. No disrespect to you, but he just took out one third of our troops. He was like, almost everywhere at once. I was the only one still conscious, and he had his pistol pointed at me. He asked me where you were, so I told him I didn’t know. Then in a second flat he had dashed at me and knocked me out by slamming his gun onto my head. When I awoke, he was gone, and then you just got here.” The general said.
The other villains and some survivors of the battle with the LAW came out of the vehicle, and set to work reviving and helping get their comrades back to shape. Talonstrike went to rest. Not long after that, they had to leave because of the warning of the LAW cruiser. They had flown out the back entrance and the LAW didn’t see them. They landed in the destroyed bay.
“Whoa. Something happened here. And this happened way before Talon got here.” Shade noted.
“Who could have done this?” Snow asked, bewildered.
“Yeah, a nice piece of work, er, destruction.” Aqua chimed.
“Real question: what could have done this?” Dark Panther replied as he picked up a sample of fur.
“Shade, run a test on this please.” Dark Panther added handing it to the bat detective.
They lingered there for a while. About a half hour later, Shade walked out.
“Guess what did this? A Squirrel!” Shade yelled in awe.
“Fur ‘n acorns! How could a chap like that do a huge destruction like this?” Aqua Arrow wanted to know.
“I’ve no clue. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if it was a revenge thing, after all; Talon has made a dozen or so enemies by now.” Dark Panther gave his thoughts.
“I think we could use him. He’s like a mad warrior from this destruction, that’s for sure.” Lava Blade thought a loud.
“I don’t know, we should make a plan to get him in our grasp. If he wants revenge badly, he might want a perfect weapon to make his hurter really suffer.” Dark Panther said with a smile.
By now, everyone knew what that meant. It could only mean one simple thing: Their basically leader had a plan thought out in that brilliant mind of his.

* * * *

Whiplash had thought of a plan to conceal and do away with his tormenter. He had seen an article in the newspaper of a new awesome blaster type thing. He waited for the hunter shop to close down for the day so he could steal it. He didn’t want to break the law, but he wanted his revenge so much. He’d do away with Talonstrike, and then he’d sneak it back; as though it was just thought a misplaced object.
A man walked out the door and locked it; then turned to walk away. Whiplash uncoiled his whip and then swung it. It hooked onto an electrical wire and with a flick of the wrist; he was shot into the air. He landed on the roof of the building. He picked out his knife, and began to work at picking the lock. He soon had it open and shut as he grappled to the floor. Little did he know a couple of birds flew down to watch his progress inside of the building. Whiplash got to the case that held the new blaster pistol. He was going to start working on the lock when something crashed. He turned to run and get out of there, but the birds knocked him back to the floor. He grappled and landed nicely. The lights went on, and there were several people standing around in a circle around him. A couple had arrows pointed at him, and others had swords and axes and one with knives and one with a sling.
“It’s alright. We’re not going to hurt you. We noticed that Talonstrike’s place was literally blown up. We found squirrel hair, and you’re a squirrel. Our hypothesis is that you have a thing against him. Why? Don’t be afraid to tell. We’re going to be allies with you, for we are after the same thing.” Dark Panther gave the peace call.
Whiplash started. “My name is Whiplash. Me and my family were captured a while ago by Talonstrike. He killed my parents and my two sisters and my brother. I escaped, but was beaten, tormented and hurt. I have promised that I will get him back.”
“Hmm. Well, we won’t let you kill him. We don’t kill, but trust me; I’ll let you beat him up pretty good. Oh, another thing we saw your destruction. We defeated one third of his army in the space station, and there were only three cruisers destroyed, so they had only two cruisers left…which most likely means you took down a third of them too. That is literally almost unbelievable. How did you do it?” Dark Panther asked.
“Well, it was kind of dark, and I have speed power at my disposal, faster than regular squirrels. Thank you for your offer, and I would like to be apart of the LAW. And yes I do know about you. Talon once said something to me, that he would kill me first, and then the LAW. So, when I escaped, I researched you guys. You are all good. I’d like to be apart of that.” Whiplash replied.
“The answer is yes. I’ll introduce you to everybody.” Dark Panther offered.
“I did my research, remember?” He said, and then named off each one of them, and their talents and abilities.
“Okay. I think people shouldn’t put that much information up about us. Now we could be destroyed easily.” Shade said, shaking his head.
“Question, may I have this pistol?” Whiplash inquired.
“Sure. Keep it for good. We set this thing totally up. We only sent that newspaper to you, and this really isn’t a hunter shop, it’s only a target building, for us to use and test with things.” Gray answered.
“Let’s get going. I know where Talon went also.” Whiplash said.
“Hold on. We will study where he went first. We’ll need a good plan. We need to know where he is. I think I’ve got a plan, but it will be risky. We need the Government. Let’s go to them right now.” Dark Panther thought aloud.

There, i hope ye've liked it.

Gosh, been reading redwall to much.

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LAW Chapter 3

Finally, A NEW POST! Sorry, I have been REALLY busy. So this is chapter 3 of 7 whole chapters right now...

New Problems

“Well, it shouldn’t take long for him to make to the main core with all the people.” Dark Panther announced.
“We need a good plan. Some of us should go to the other side and take over that base. Then, we fight ourselves to the core. We need to get at their plans.” Shade thought aloud.
“That could work. I know they’ve already started their plans. They’ll have to stick with it. That gives us an advantage to some degree.” Golden Eagle said.
“Well, who should go, and who should stay?” Red Raven asked intently.
“Well, let’s think about that. We need a strong team. Who here are already considered leaders?” Shade said.
“Well, Scarlet Panda and Dark Panther, mostly.” Snow replied.
“Okay. Scarlet, I, Red Panda, Golden Eagle, and Red Raven will go. The rest is under lead of Dark Panther.” Shade said.
“That’s good. It’s an even split, and both teams are strong. Let’s go my team.” Scarlet Panda said.
The team under Scarlet Panda left. They headed back to the path and entered the path to the Left Wing.

* * * *

“Good.” Talon said from a peak far away.
“We know what their plans are.” The man in charge of the Cold Hearts said.
“Okay, all people in the Left Wing, leave! Come to the main base. Grab all the weapons. We’ve got a plan.” Talon yelled.
He ran off toward a generator that changes people, to make them have powers. Talon was not one of the chosen, but he wanted to get revenge on LAW. He leaped in and turned it on. He yelled in pain.
“What? He’s not one of the chosen. He hasn’t been trained to use it!” The one in charge yelled.
“What does that mean?” One of the agents asked.
“Well, if I’m guessing right; he’s going to get rid of me. Your in charge now, I’m leaving this cursed place.” He said to the agent.
The ruler left and tried to get out of the cave. He came to the path to the entrance. He turned. There was this big bird charging him.
“Oh no.” The ruler cried out as he ran as fast as his legs would take him.
In a matter of seconds, the creature came down on him.
“Please, don’t hurt me! I’ll let you have full control!” The ruler screamed.
“Why should I? I have always served under you. I will now slaughter you.” Talon answered.
“Okay, Okay! Talon, you win!” He screamed.
Those were his last words. Talon flew up, with the ruler in his talons. He dropped him into the water.
“Oh, and by the way, it is Talonstrike to you.” Talonstrike said as he gave out a cruel laugh and then gave an eagle screech.

* * * *

“Whoa, did you hear that?” Red Panda asked everyone.
“You didn’t do that, did you Golden Eagle?” Scarlet Panda wanted to know.
“No. My voice doesn’t call that loud. Plus mine is a different tone. Listen.” Golden Eagle screeched, not as loud; because he didn’t want to give strangers the advantage.
“Wow. Totally different. That other sound sounded like an eagle. Not a Golden Eagle though.” Red Said, having very good ears.
“Yes, you are right. Not a Bald Eagle though. If it is what I think, it sounds Harpy Eagle tone. That bird is twice my size, and thrice as strong.” Golden Eagle said.
“Yikes. That thing can probably eat me in one gulp.” Shade said as he gulped.
“Yes. And he could claw Raven to death.” Golden Eagle noted.
“Duck!!!” Shade said.
They ducked under an arctic shrub.
“Man, there it is, or more like was…That thing had wing span of like, 13 feet!” Red Raven said surprised.
“Yeah, looks like it’s headed to the base. We’ll meet it there. It will probably take all of us to defeat it. And did you hear that scream a while back? It sounded as someone was transformed. Then, it sounded like Talons. And then after I heard someone else scream. I’m pretty sure he’s done for though; whoever that was.” Golden Eagle said.
“Let’s fly. Red, shift into a bird and carry me…okay. Let me get onto you. There!! Fly away to the base. We shall take down that eagle like thing.” Scarlet Panda said.
They were still flying to the base in air.
“Oh, what if there is more than just the Eagle?” Red Raven thought.
“Then, we are definitely outnumbered and will lose.” Scarlet said.
“Huh. Not good odds. We need to fight madly. That is, if there are more.” Shade said in a little bit of a haze.
“Oh well. We’ll know when we get there.” They came to the base. They landed.
“Wow. It is deserted!” Red Raven said.
“Wait a second. What if there is an ambush waiting?” Red Panda asked.
“Nah; it would have come already.” Scarlet said.
He squinted as if trying to figure something out.
Shade landed on a block. A block shot at him from the wall. He was smashed into the other wall. Suddenly, out of that cave where the boulder came from a Harpy Eagle shot out. It grabbed Red Raven and flew to the top of the cavern. Red Raven turned to flames and so as his axe. This made Talonstrike drop him, Red Raven recovered, but the massive Eagle dove toward him. Red’s back was faced toward the ground. Instantly the Eagle was upon him, falling or flying quickly to the ground. Talonstrike struck and clawed Red Raven with his huge talons.
“OUCH!!” Red Raven winced with pain. He swung his axe blade hard onto the knuckles knee of the huge Eagle. He yelled with pain. Red Raven dropped to the ground fast. Shade caught him with his sound power; and put him on the ground slowly. The Eagle landed.
“HA!! You guys think you can defeat me? Talonstrike???” Talonstrike taunted.
“So, like that is a step up?” Red Panda said, knowing how to get people ticked by learning.
Without a word, Talonstrike was a blur. He smashed into Red Panda with his claws forward. He choked with his talon, and pushed Red into the wall. Then, Talonstrike smashed into the other wall by Shade’s sound. Red Panda skillfully strafed, a second before Talonstrike pounced into the wall. Red Panda and Scarlet pulled out their weapons. They were long metal sticks that could do different things. Talonstrike tried to strike again.
This time he went for Scarlet. The claws came to smash him down to the ground. He lifted them to slash and brought them down again with speed. But not fast enough. Scarlet blocked with the metal pole. Talonstrike struck a lot. But each single time; Scarlet blocked each of his swipes. Red Panda leaped and kicked. The kick sent Talonstrike off of Scarlet. Then, Red Panda swung the pole like a double sided sword. He hit Talonstrike several times. This sent him off his balance. He turned. He grabbed a huge sword.
He turned again to face the charging red panda with a pole. He raised the sword and swung down. The sword met its target. Red Panda was sent through a window. He got back up. Talonstrike was flying toward the window. Red Raven charged at Talonstrike’s back. He gave a heft groan, to which Talonstrike turned. Red Raven brought the axe down on top of him.
He went flying out the other window. Red Raven had motion, and still kept coming at him. Talonstrike grabbed the big sword in his sword sheath attached to his back. He battered Red Raven out of the way. He charged at Shade. He used his sound to send Talonstrike back. Talonstrike flew as fast as he could. He was slowly gaining progress. He grabbed a dagger and threw it at Shade. Shade turned to concentrate on the dagger. He slowed it down and grabbed it. Realizing his chance, Talonstrike struck hard. Right before he smashed Shade, Shade disappeared. Shade reappeared behind him and stabbed out with his daggers. Talonstrike swung, and hacked madly at the small bat. Shade blocked a little bit of the swipes, but sense he was small; the swipe moved him a bit. After the second attempt to block, Shade just dodged instead. He was dodging madly, but Talonstrike could not get a piece of him. He was swaying his daggers back in forth, a blur. He stabbed Talonstrike and flung him through another window. He went high, arced, and recovered. He flew away.
“Shade! I’m going to come after you!!! Unless if you have already died before you get to me in front of the base!” He yelled to Shade.
“Hmmmm. Something strange.” Shade said in deep thought.
“What is strange?” Red Raven said knowing his friend well.
“You’re feeling something. What is it?” Red Raven asked again.
“He said he’d be coming after me…If I lasted before I got to him at the front of the base. What if…he means…” Shade stopped.
He listened.
“I hear it to.” Red Panda said as he ran away.
Shade threw all the others clear away from the base. It blew up.
Golden Eagle grabbed his sword.
“Shade must be avenged.” He walked toward the central base.
“That wouldn’t be necessary. Still, we must move forward.” Shade said.
He appeared just out of the rocks.
“I can reduce my size when I need to. That didn’t affect me. I would have been crushed if I didn’t sound a way through the dirt.”
They noticed the tunnel he was standing over. Shade normalized himself.
“Good going. Let’s give Talonstrike a run for his power.” Golden Eagle said.
“Perhaps we should contact Dark Panther.” Shade said.
“Perhaps we will.” Scarlet said as he picked up his COM link.

* * * *

Dark Panther backed up to the corner of an ice block. It had been an hour since Scarlet called. Snow came and hid behind the same ice block. Celestial and Silver got behind the block to their left. And Gray leaped to the ice block on the right just nearly getting out of the ay of a laser.
“These ice blocks won’t stay steadfast for very long!” Snow said.
“We need a plan!!! Or we’ll be sitting ducks here!” Silver Otter said in distress.
“Correction. We ARE sitting ducks HERE!!!” Gray shouted.
“We are in big trouble.” Celestial said.
Lasers, bullets, missiles, and shafts came out all over the place. The firing stopped. Gray peeked out. A man was placing a big turret up. He put a big missile like thing into it.
“Celestial, SHOOT NOW!!” He yelled.
The firing started again. The man was about to pull the crank. With speed and great aim, Celestial rolled out to the other block. In the middle of it, he shot, hitting the target with an explosion. Smoke came out, making their enemies blinded.
“We’ve got to attack now!” He yelled to his allies as he pulled out his swords.
“Okay. Let’s do it before the smoke lifts.” Dark Panther yelled.
They ran at their enemies. Snow and Dark Panther grabbed their close quarters. Snow had a shield. So did Dark Panther. He also took out the sword he took from Talon. It was pure gold, and had a nice blade.
“We need to get the guns from them!” Snow said.
Snow grabbed his crossbow after all. He shot a rope that split and took several guns from men. Celestial followed that example. He took out his blasters that could shoot different things from a switch button. He switched it to rope and did the same. Soon, all the men were unarmed from guns. They took out their swords and shields. Everybody relined themselves in lines. The heroes lined up a distance away. Gray pulled out his spears and tossed them up quickly; positioned himself and caught the spears in a defensive way. Celestial grabbed his sword and shield. Silver grabbed his sling. His sling was both a close quarter’s weapon and a far quarter’s weapon. He put sharp rocks in. He swung the sling in a blur.
“Alright. Who wants a piece of me?” He said swinging the sling.
A mighty swordsman approached him slowly at first. Then he ran at the fierce otter. He shafted down on the otter. The otter dodged and smacked him with his sling. Another group ran forward, only to be knocked down from the swordsman. They all got back up, and ran at the mad otter.
“Oh no. I can take one of you at a time, but not at the same time!” He yelled.
Celestial jumped to him. Celestial and Silver began to team up. Silver, swinging his sling, was thrown into a group of enemies while swinging. He hit a lot of them senseless. Then, Celestial would jump in, swing and strike out with his shield and sword. Those groups had been knocked down momentarily. Snow, Dark Panther, and Gray were all at each other’s backs. They were in the middle of a big circle of enemies.
“Hey, we could use a hand over here!” Dark Panther yelled to Silver and Celestial.
“Sure, soon as I finish tying them up!” Celestial replied.
“Great.” Dark Panther was sarcastic.
He grabbed Snow’s feet, and swung him. The shield was outstretched, hitting and knocking heir enemies out. Celestial leaped into the circle. Gray caught his feet and did the same thing. Soon, only two were left. Gray and Dark Panther put Snow and Celestial down. They were all dizzy. They fell to the ground. The two swordsmen left, charged.
“You don’t do that too my friends.” Silver yelled.
The swordsmen turned only to be hit in the face with loads of rocks that took them out.
“Okay, let’s go deeper into this icy hazy maze. We should meet the others soon.” Silver Otter announced.
“Okay let’s go. My head is aching.” Gray grabbed his head.
“Maybe the others are almost to the core!” Snow said, trying to encourage everybody.
* * * *
“Well, there is the gate to the core.” Scarlet said.
“Okay, what are we going to do?” Golden Eagle wondered aloud.
“Blow it up!” Red Raven said.
“Well, look. There are plenty of men guarding that gate. We need a plan. Let’s think about this.” Red Panda said sensibly.
Shade grinned.
“Shade, what do you have for us?” Scarlet said.
“Well, what do I have for you? A plan, that’s what I’m supposed to bring, and I can fit the qualifications.” Shade replied.
“Don’t wait. Spill the weight!” Scarlet said as he chuckled.

* * * *

At the same time, Talonstrike had seen them. He was already making plans.
“Okay you know your names now. Mad Mako, HEY! That’s you! Ah yes. Get into this water bubble.”
“But I’ll drown!”
“It’s okay. As soon as we zip it, we throw you in that room, and believe me, you’ll like the aftermath. There that’s it.” Talonstrike said as he and another person tossed Mad Mako in.
They shut the door and turned on. The victim screamed from inside his bubble. He felt a big shock of pain. And he felt like he was growing, and changing as smoke went about him. The smoke arose, showing something scary. Not as scary as Talonstrike. Talonstrike gave an evil like grin. It was a Mako shark, with water around him. They let him out.
“Okay, there is a target. Try and hurl whatever your power is at it. Mad Mako heaved. He opened his mouth and as strong as a waterfall, it went straight out and smashed the target.
“Anything else??” Talonstrike asked.
Mad Mako began to spin. He was spinning really fast with a maelstrom around him. He stopped. It went around the place, with water and fire in it, and lightning also. He could only spray the fire, and not lightning. He was still pretty powerful.
“Okay, Clouded Leopard get in now.” Talonstrike said.
Again there was screaming. This time a Clouded Leopard stepped out. He could give wind and hail and ice slides. The next was a bit opposite his name. Somber Tiger could leap, he could shoot his claws and more come out. He also had a lightning spiked tail, and that could stretch. Ironblock is cement block, with super strength. Hunter Raven could fly really fast and has gravity. Next up was Slay Owl. A huge owl. And I mean huge. He gives flight to oddly shaped knives, large enough to slice Shade in half.
“Alright here’s our plan!” Talonstrike said as he screeched and gave a grisly grin.

* * * *

“There is the core. Wow. That’s a huge army.” Dark Panther said thinking.
“You know we don’t have a plan.” Silver said.
Talonstrike swiveled his head.
“Do your thing Mad Mako.” He said in a grisly tone.
“Okay. Oh. Otter, yes! Yummy.” He leaped into the water.
“Guys, something’s heading toward us.” Silver sensed a predator sensing him.
“I don’t see anything.” Dark Panther said.
A Mako Slammed through the ice at the otter. The coyote came to its rescue. Mad Mako turned around, to be hit square on the head with an arrow. He stopped. Silver was mad. He swung his sling. He thwacked Mad Mako on the same spot as the arrow did.
“I don’t care anymore! Get them!” Talonstrike yelled.
Golden Eagle watched the on-charging villains. Slay Owl, Sober Tiger, Hunter Falcon and Diver Eagle approached them.
“Great. Prepare yourselves.” Golden Eagle said as he crouched.
He couched though in a take off position that wasn’t noticeable.
“Aha. Sober Tiger, what’s up messmate?” Scarlet Panda was totally sarcastic.
But Sober Tiger played along.
“Oh, yeah, hi! I’m gonna finish this!” He leaped at Scarlet Panda.
The veteran warrior didn’t have as good reflexes. The massive tiger was on him in a flash. Next thing Scarlet felt was wrestling for his life. He was able to get his metallic stave out in time to stop the deadly jaws.
“Yuck! Nasty form dontcha know!” Scarlet said.
He took out a nasty spray that stings the throat. He sprayed it up the mouth of the tiger.
“Yowch! Oh this is nasty. I will tear you apart!” The ferocious tiger yelled.
He leaped at the red panda. Scarlet jumped clear not too late. The same time he jumped out of the way, Red Panda leaped. He gave several quick, short hard strokes at the maddened beast. Sober Tiger got ready to turn and lash out; but the red panda was gone. Then Scarlet did the same thing.
Red Raven hurtled himself at the enormous falcon. But Red Raven did not know fear. He fired his axe up.
“Whoa, hold on there chap. You’re doing that wrong. Here I’ll teach ya.” The mocking falcon raised his long rapier. Axe banged sword. Both birds fought like irritated maniacs.
“Oh, bat! I love bat!” Slay Owl yelled happily.
“You’ve never had a bat before. Plus, you’ve only been an owl for a half an hour. Yikes!” Diver Eagle veered left at the pounce of an eagle a bit larger than him.
“Ha-ha. Ohm, Golden Eagle, I think you’re the only one who has an easy chance.” Shade said aloud to his ally who has on home with the smaller eagle.
“I don’t think you’ll have as good a chance. I wonder what bat does taste like…” The owl trailed off.
“Well, this one bat that you’re looking at isn’t on the menu!” With that, the assured bat disappeared.
“Hey! Where’d you go, you little pest. Coward!” Slay Owl was very mad.
“Oh no. I wouldn’t have just said that to Shade if I were you!” Golden Eagle said.
“Oh yeah? Why?” Slay Owl was unconvinced.
“Well, he did take out me when I called him that. And, you know, I am a golden eagle.” Golden Eagle said.
“Oh, well that’s probably cause you’re a terrible fighter, anyone can kill a little bat.” Slay Owl retorted.
Immediately like a lightning bolt, Golden Eagle u-turned. Suddenly, Slay Owl was hit in the side. He wailed and struck out at the invisible bat. But he was hit hard on the other side.
“Ha HAHAHA! Oh yeah. That’s just great. Are you sure anyone can kill a bat? Well, not you!” Shade yelled out still laughing very hard he almost cried.
“Well, well, I CAN’T SEE YOU!” Slay Owl excused.
“Excuses. Fine, whiner.” Shade appeared behind him.
Shade pulled out his dagger and stabbed.
Slay Owl winced. He turned and attacked hard, only to thin air. Shade was above him and dove on. He stabbed and clawed furiously. Slay Owl gave a sharp cry. With all strength he could gather up, he rolled, shaking off Shade.
“Need help Slay?” Hunter Falcon asked.
“How did you…wa..?” Shade was bewildered.
The falcon was holding a deep unconscious raven.
“He gave up a good fight. But not nearly as good as me.” Hunter laughed menacingly.
“You won’t even be good for crow chow when I’m done with the likes of you!” Shade yelled in a fury.
Both daggers in claw, he gave a mad bolt fast charge.
“Yaaaaa!” The fear gripped falcon backed off, afraid of the berserk bat.
“Help Slay!” Hunter falcon yelled.
In a minute it was feathers and fur all over the place, with blades only blurs in air. Shade fought off the two raptors valiantly. With his daggers all over the place, Shade guaranteed himself victory.
Shade turned to help his friends with the streaked tiger. Red Panda was much wounded with scars all across his body. But Golden Eagle came with the other eagle in his claws; knocked out. He went to help, but first, he teleported Red Raven home. He then preceded to aide his friends. Though the tiger was very strong and striking all over the place, he was down momentarily. The other team wasn’t faring as well. Silver was out cold to a charge from the shark. Claw to claw, Clouded Leopard rolled and brawled with the viscous Dark Panther.
Victor Lynx was striking at Gray Wolf. He dodged and expertly lashed out a spear. It was an accurate thrust. Victor’s paw lingered with pain. Snow Hawk and Celestial were fighting as a team against the shark and Iron Block. They were doing alright; just mainly dodging attacks and throwing in a quick little attack and then leaped away and started dodging again. They were relieved when the others came.
Snow, Red Panda and Golden Eagle handled the thrashing shark. Shade sent the otter back to the hide out. Then he joined Celestial and Scarlet Panda to fight off the large block man like thing. By the time they were done taking down the shark, the others had Iron Block down. For a couple minutes, they watched until Gray Wolf came out the winner. Suddenly, all of the villains disappeared.
“Where’s Dark Panther?” Shade asked.
Gray shook his head.
“He’s…?” Scarlet asked.
“I wouldn’t say that. He’s probably somewhere here abouts.” Snow said.
Golden Eagle flew high to the roof of the cavern.
“I don’t see him!” He yelled and dove back down.
“Don’t worry. I’d wager he’s alright and we’ll see him soon. He was always lost sometimes when we had a gang like this that they all died. He came back a week later. That one fight always has kept me out of this for a long time.” He said as he had a tear in his eyes.
They teleported back to the main base.
“Silver, where is Red Raven?” Scarlet asked.
“He wasn’t here when I got here. Why? I thought he was with you.” Silver answered.
“We sent him here a half an hour before you. Hmm. Something’s wrong. Where could he be?” Snow wondered a loud.
“Bringing allies, that’s where I was.” Red Raven said as he entered.
A blue arrow head peeked in.
“I’d know that arrow symbol anywhere. Aqua Arrow, get in here!” Shade said as he slammed the door wide open, knocking Aqua Arrow down.
“Watch it chap. You almost knocked me senseless.” Aqua Arrow chuckled.
“A bat, cool!” Emerald Bow leaped dove in and did a roll as he hit the ground.
“Yes…and even though he’s small, he could beat you up in a heartbeat, he’s also much older than you.” Silver Sword said as he walked in calmly.
“Oh,” He added, “This is Lava Blade, my new apprentice.”
With that, a young sturdy fellow walked in.
“Okay, I can tell he mean’s business with those eyes.” Shade said, his own dark eyes peering at the hazel eyes of the young warrior.
“So, our Arsenal Warriors will join in your group to help, doncha know.” Aqua Arrow chimed.
“Yes, and I’m sure we can be a great help.” A new team member of the Arsenal Warriors walked in.
He was strong and wise, and looked every inch a warrior.
Aqua Arrow explained.
“We came across him in a mission a little bit ago, with a tech company under his rage. He was trying to put them out of commission. They were scared of him. I knew that that company had been dirty several times, by ruining people’s lives. We had to get to the bottom of that place, to see if they were being cruel. Shadow Spear here said they were-“
“Yes, that’s right. They did ruin my life. I told them if they tried to stop me from proving them wrong, I’d fight them…”
Aqua Arrow jumped in again.
“So I said we’ll help you prove them wrong, but if you’re the one who’s wrong, you’re going to be put down. He replied that if we find someone wrong, it wouldn’t be him, he did prove them wrong, and that company was shut down, because they had not lived up to their sayings. Most outside of that company say that their still holding a grudge, that their planning to do something to him.”
“Yeah, so we will help you, if you help me stop their plot, although, I have no idea what they’re planning.” Shadow Spear finished.
“Yes, that seems like a good idea. While my friend, former leader is away, I am his second leader. He’d like that.” Shade said, talking for Dark Panther.
“Yeah, where is my old messmate?” Aqua Arrow inquired.
“Well, that is tough to say. We kind of lost him at a fight a while ago.” Snow butted in.
* * * *

“Well, what have we got here?” Talonstrike looked pitifully at Dark Panther.
“When we teleported to here, he leaped on me so he was teleported with all of us. He’s a fierce fighter, but with all of us fighting, he didn’t last long.
Dark Panther glared.
“You’ll get nothing out of me.” He said, bravely, because he was at their mercy, and with Talonstrike leading them, it would not be near merciful.
“You, you were the one who beat me up!” He shouted with rage.
He clawed Dark Panther. Dark Panther winced in pain. Talonstrike gave a cruel laugh.
“You will tell me the location of your base.” Talonstrike said in a fury.
“I would not tell anyone, not if I were tormented to death even. If you do kill me, rest assured, my team will defeat you.” Dark Panther said with rage boiling in his mind.
“Well, suit yourself. I will break you, and torment you until you do.” Talonstrike replied, as he left the room.
“Talonstrike, I’m pleased. It is an honor to meet you. I’ve something to yet discuss with you.” Mr. Jacobs shot out to the harpy eagle.
“Okay, go on, I’m listening Mr. Jacobs.” Talonstrike replied, actually interested.
“The reason why my company went down was because of Shadow Spear, with help of the Arsenal Warriors.” He paused.
“Yes, I’ve heard of them. I want to break them after I break the Legion of Animal Warriors.” Talonstrike said.
“Yeah, that’s just the thing. The Arsenal Warriors are joining them. They think that they can dominate your team with a little bit more help. We have reopened our company in secret a while back. We’ve made tech robots. They are for your command. But, if you fail to do a good job of using them, I’ll pull out of this deal, and you’ll have to deal with them by yourself.” Mr. Jacobs finished.
With a fit of rage, Talon was at the business leader. He clawed him and held him in mid air.
“You won’t leave me. I won’t let you. I can kill you at this second!” Talonstrike yelled aloud.
While gasping for breath, Mr. Jacobs muttered.
“I know how to deal with the Arsenal Warriors. The reason why I didn’t end them when they came at me was because I couldn’t. Now I have the technology too! Please, I want my life!”
Talonstrike laughed.
“Your life isn’t much. If I let you live, you must serve me without fail. Understood?” Talon said in cruelty.
Mr. Jacobs nodded furiously. Talonstrike dropped him to the floor with a thud. All the while, Dark Panther, in agony; heard word for word. He brightened up. His old friend Aqua Arrow and his team had joined with his. If he could get free before Talon lost patience with him, he could give valuable information to his team. He secretly thought up a way to escape.
* * * *
Golden Eagle bristled and shook snow off his wings as he dove. They had just arrived at a scene with robots trying to destroy a little nice city just on the edge of New York City. It seemed they were after one building: The Reporter Tower. They had to try and jump ahead of the enclosing robots. The birds in the team had done that, blocking the famous tower off. Then, the others enclosed from the other side, with two buildings blocking their sides. The robots were nearly cut off, but had way many more numbers. Golden Eagle pounced on a robot beside Shade. Golden Eagle hacked at its circuitry board.
“We cannot keep up this fight forever,” Golden Eagle stated as he grabbed his sword and hacked at the oncoming robots.
“Yes, I am definitely aware of that. We just have to crush with our powers.” Shade said.
Golden Eagle sliced and parried. He didn’t hear Shade. He concentrated on bringing down their numbers. He flew up and struck down in the middle. Shade had got a head ache from using his sound power. He was just pulling circuitry out from robots, placing them out of commission. He stopped this and pulled out his daggers and started jabbing and whacking.
Snow was holding off a corner by just avalanching snow on the robots who tried to get under him. He was also sniping far away robots with dead accuracy. Red Raven was holding the middle, with using his fire power and whirling his red blurred axe. He was hacking down numbers quickly using his lava toss. Aqua and Emerald were fighting side by side, one sniping, while the other fought, protecting the other. Taking down enemies with bow or crossbow as a weapon and using shields, they were doing just as good if not better than the others.
Silver Sword, Shadow, and Lava blade were holding the other middle next to Aqua and Emerald with force. Shadow, standing a pace away behind his two comrades, hurled spears over their heads. Once in a while he would also crunch robots in shadow boxes. Lava Blade was a true warrior. Thrashing hard with his axe, and then occasionally throwing lava out at the approaching robots, he was a vital threat. Silver Sword was fighting with a high intensity. Fencing with three robots at a time, and shooting silver out at them, he was all power. Silver, Gray and Celestial were working as a good team too. The otter whirling his sling, sometimes letting it go and knocking down robots, and when they got to close for that, he’d hit them with his sling.
Silver Otter was the best with a sling. Slashing down and around at robots, standing side by side, and battering with shields, Gray and Celestial were cutting them down. Suddenly a quarter of the robots blew up to bits. Shade looked up and around. Finally, on his right side building, he recognized a figure. It shot down another shaft. Noting where it’d hit, Shade leaped out of the way, taking Snow with him. The robots charged at their retreating enemies. Only to be blown up like the other group. The trap worked perfectly. Seeing that they’d lost, the other robots tried to leave. But right before the figure leaped, he shot two more shafts, blowing up the remaining robots, and grappling down by an arrow. The smoke lifted, revealing Dark Panther!
“How did you escape?” Shade called out.
“Tricks of me trade, just tricks of me trade, Shade.” Dark Panther replied.
“Okay, well nice snipin’ with bomb arrows. I need to get one of those one of these days.” Aqua Arrow stated.
“I think you might need more then one arrow. I have some info. Talon and your old enemy Dr. Jacobs are getting together forming a plan, actually they already have one.” Dark Panther said matter of factly.
“Do you know their plan?” Shade asked.
“Now tell me; why couldn’t I escape and not steal something, or copy something?” Dark Panther beamed.
Shade lit up.
“You mean you got your hands on it and made a copy for us, without getting caught?” Shade yelled in excitement.
“Well, who is better than your boss?” Aqua jumped in.
“I guess your right, Aqua.” Shade replied.
“I’m just doing what I’m here to do.” Dark Panther said.
Then he added: “Let’s get to work.”

* * * *

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