Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Father's Extravagant Love For The Lost

David Traugott did an excellent job with the message. The text is from Luke 15:1-32.

I. "Lostness" Redefined

Honestly, I'm not even sure that is a real word. In reality, it isn't. So, we see a number of quick items in the first section:
  • The Pre-Requisite for being saved through faith is to actually SEE your neediness.
  • In the first few verses of Luke 15, the Pharisees see themselves as not Sinners, but perfect.

There is DEFINITELY something wrong right there. The Pharisees are complaining about Jesus' EXTRAVAGANT love for sinners. We see that the Pharisees were even complaining BEFORE in Luke 5: 29-32. Read that please. We see in v. 31 and 32 that Jesus is the Great Physician. You wouldn't necessarily like a doctor or physician who only takes the healthy. He would be doing his job wrong. In the same way, Jesus came only for the SINNERS and the IMPERFECT, not for the PERFECT. If someone is healthy; he does not need a physician or a doctor. However, we do see that NO ONE is perfect, even if they say so. Back to our main text now, we see Jesus jump straight into these three parables, which brings us to our second point.

II. The Parables

  • The parable of the lost sheep.
  • The parable of the Lost Coin.
  • Finally, the parable of the Two Lost Sons.

Did you catch the last parable title? In the bible, it's referred to the Prodigal Son. Truly, this is incomplete, and I'll show you why when we come to that. Now, my theory behind the first two parables are this: In BOTH of these parables, the Coin and the Sheep are lost. They can't TRULY think for themselves. In the same way, left to yourselves, my brothers and sisters, we CANNOT save ourselves. So, read on to the parable of the sons. What do these three parables have in Common? They are all LOST. Now, here's where we break the son parable down. The younger brother is known as the Prodigal Son...because he spent all his father's wealth foolishly. He is completely lost. He eventually decides to come home to his father. This is where it get's interesting. Here's the twist: The elder brother. Look at Luke 15: 25-32. We see that the older brother stays outside, and is angry with his brother and father. The ELDER SON is LOST just as much as his brother, but WHY? Well, here's why: Look at his answer to his father. He's using his WORKS to get above his other brother. So, if you use your WORKS to get above everyone else and to get into heaven, you're just as lost as your brother, if NOT MORE. Why did I say more?

Because the bible says that God gives us Grace and Salvation by faith to bring us to him. Can Grace be earned by your Works? Think about that. God's Grace is freely given, so therefore it CANNOT be earned by WORKS. God's love is ALWAYS extravagant towards all, and his love DOES NOT PLAY FAVORITES...EVER. So, are you the elder or younger brother? Honestly, I think I am the Elder Brother. I do often use my works to get over my friends. Friends, right there is Sin. I'm Sinning whenever I do that...I'm also straying from the Lord My God. I am lost, so, what will happen? Jesus came and found me, and saved me. So, no matter how much I sin, God's LOVE IS ALWAYS LARGER. Take note of that.

"If Sin is on your doorstep and you can't deal with it, oh Brothers and Sisters run to Christ Jesus. God ALONE is the Strong Tower for the Homeless and the Weak. It was not for the perfect he came, but for the Imperfect and for Sinners. In HIM alone you will find Salvation, Strength and Peace, NOT by living your own way and straying from the Truth."