Friday, May 8, 2009

A Psalm I Wrote

Whenever I am attacked by my foes,
Whenever I am afflicted by my enemies,
It is my God my Savior that saves me.
He raises me on eagles' wings,
He lifts me up on his steadfast rock,
and he is that steadfast rock.
There is none as Righteous,
There is none as Worthy,
There is no Holly but my Lord and only God.
My Savior moves the mountains,
And only he can save.
There is none like him,
For he speaks with thunder and lightning.
O Lord, make me aware of your power,
Your infinite righteousness and wisdom,
Your steadfast unfailing love.
There is absolutely NO measure that can at all keep track of your love.
You turn, O Lord, All my storms into Blue Skies.
You are completely Omnipresent, and no one can change that.
Your wide might has no end,
No one can match you.
Rid me of myself, oh Lord, I belong to you.

Lee out.


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sherlock said...

"Here's a little Psalm I wrote... I'm gonna sing it note for note don't worry..... be deadly..... don't worry..... be deadly..."

I am obviously not a big reggae fan.

NEW POST! Or I will threaten you with junk like this! (you thought reggae was bad? wait until I get going on Country)

4girlz said...

Hey, Sherlock, I actually like several country songs.