Saturday, September 13, 2008

Talk Is Cheap

This sermon references at James:2:14 - 26":oh well. I can't paste the scripture on this. Okay, so let's start at the beginning. What saves us? Okay, all, well, most anyway know this answer. It's Jesus' blood that cleanses us and washes us from our sin. There are 4 possible relationships between works and salvation.
  1. Works - Salvation, which is what catholics believe. (Which is really wrong.)
  2. Faith + Works = Salvation, which is getting better, but still not truth.
  3. Faith = Salvation, which is still wrong.
  4. Then finally what I believe is the truth = Faith = Salvation + Works.

I'm not saying here that we still have to do works to get into heaven with salvation, notice the works is on the other side of the equasion. I mean by this that Works prove our Faith, just like Abraham would have killed his son had not the angel of god stopped him. Then he was rewarded.

Then a next question follows: What kind of Faith saves us? Is faith in Jesus just intellectually believing in his existence, or something about him true? Personally, I'd go with number two. Our works after our confession of Faith will prove where we are. Where are you? Where am I? It's not obvious to me where I am, but it's obvious too you readers where I am, just like I see where some of you are, except for Mattea. (Don't worry. I'm not teasing you.)

What do works look like in the life of Faith? Well, if you know the text, James says compassion for a needy brother or sister, andlater he says true faith submits to God. Works complete our faith. Are you making that connection??? Do you see it??? True faith will always be evidenced by our doings, works and outward obedience to God. Bottom line, our works are not optional. Faith is measurable.

  • Remain steadfast in trials and persecutions
  • Be a Doer of the Word
  • Bridle your tongue
  • Feed and cloth those around you who are in need
  • Keep yourself pure from the world
  • Love the poor and unlovely in this world

Think about these.

  1. How can we still be resting in grace while at the same time hold that obedience is not optional?
  2. In what specific areas of your life have you grown comfortable with not obeying God?
  3. Has a desire to not be legalistic resulted in you actually not obeying God?
  4. What aspect of obedience is God calling you to begin or step up today? Will you do it???

What are your thoughts on these questions???

Leemac Over 'n Out

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