Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cypress Gardens

So, on Friday we went to Cypress Gardens as a result of their new wacky friday, whcih you get in for five bucks. So, the rides we first went on was Okeechobee Rampage, just to start small. Way better than Shamu Express at Seaworld, but not as good as barnstormer. So after that I met my favorite ride, The Triple Hurricane. This gives you fun butterflies. Afterwards, we did the starliner. As soon as we went over the first drop, I knew I had picked wrong. Starliner is fun, I liked it a little bit. The only non-fun part is when you brake your back. Believe me...the first drop on this slams you down on your car hard.

Then we went and my sisters went on storm surge. I didn't go quite yet because I wasn't dying hot. So then we came upon a ferris wheel. So we went on that because Alyx hadn't been on one before. So why not? Then we went on swamp thing. pretty fun. Especially if your on the front or back. *This was my first floorless roller coaster. It was the same kind of car on track like dueling dragons. But it doesn't flip. we went to Bumper Cars after that for why not just doing it. Then after that, we rode Triple Hurricane like five times and then I went too go on storm surge.

Leemac Over 'n Out.


Sherlock said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I just rode Dueling Dragons on the front row.... not to brag.... ;P

anyhoo, was it crowded? Floorless roller coaster that DOESN'T flip? I've never heard of such a thing!

Next time, I'll have to go with you guys, since my family's so busy. ;D

LeeMac said...

Yeah. It's so fun. It's jus our kind of roller coasters. If you do go with us, in fact we can't go the third friday this month, but we were going to invite you guys to go to cypress gardens with us. You might like starliner, but the thing is you'll come off with a broken back. Literally. I think it would be awesome if your family could join us there. It's so fun~