Thursday, September 25, 2008


I have started a new book since Justice Unity Heroes. I have started this actually before, but for some reason one day I found it not in my file that I saved it too, so I had to restart. But I made it a bit better.

The Discovery
Dark Panther was onto a high-tech robbery. He was in their path behind them. They ran into a dead end. The thugs turned around to look into the midnight black eyes of Dark Panther.
“Who are you?” Dark Panther asked in a bold way.
They didn’t answer. He went up to them. A guy pulled out a weird gun and shot.
“AAHHHHHHH!” Dark Panther screamed and got up.
“You were having a nightmare,” Shade said.
Dark Panther breathed and fell back on his pillow.
“You alright DP?” Shade said.
“It was…so…real.” He sounded puzzled.
“Tell me about it.” Was Shade’s quick reply.
“Well, I heard an alarm. Then I was running. I saw to guys running with bags of something. We ran around blocks until finally they found themselves cornered in a back ally with no place to go except through me. I asked them who they were. None of them answered. I walked up to them. One took of his helmet and I saw a skeleton head. Then, he picked a weird gun up and shot me. That’s all I can remember…” Dark Panther answered.
“Hmmm. Weird dream.” Shade said warmly.
A loud alarm whistled.
“DP and I will get it!” Shade yelled a warning.
Dark Panther and Shade started to run. They ran to the bank to open the door only to be slammed right back outside as two thugs ran out.
“Get them!” Dark Panther yelled.
They chased them around corners and corners.
“These guys look exactly like the ones in my dream!!!” Dark Panther said quickly, with a chill running down his back.
“Great.” Shade said sarcastically.
The thugs ran into a dead end.
“Who are you?” Dark Panther yelled raising a bow and notching an arrow on the string.
“I won’t repeat myself. TALK, NOW!” Dark Panther said in a dark voice.
“And, why would we tell you that.” The one who came out of the door first said.
He had a gun hidden behind him in the hands of the other guy. The first one leaped out of the way and a shot rang at Shade; but Dark Panther moved them out of the way. He shot the arrow that he had just notched. Both the thugs were knocked out.
“Wait. There’s something wrong. THIS IS A TRAP!” Dark Panther yelled. Before he could move another shot rained out and knocked the heroes both senseless.
“To late heroes! HAHAHA!” A nasty voice sounded.
An eagle stepped out to which the nasty voice belonged. Then a coyote stepped out.
“Aye, looks like your lights are out.” He said.
* * * *
“It’s been hour’s sense they left!” Red Raven muttered out.
“Aye, it’s not like them at all!!” Snow Hawk said in return.
“This isn’t right. They would have come back right after they finished and let us know if they were onto something!” Silver Otter yelled for the whole hide-out to here.
“CALM DOWN! Knowing Dark Panther they’re probably alright.” Gray Wolf replied instantly; chiding his fellow teammates.
“Okay, but I still don’t like it at all.” Silver Otter said calmly.
“Me too.” Came Red Raven’s instant reply.
“Me three.” Was Snow Hawk’s answer.
“Same here with all. But we have to do something. If they were in trouble, their radar flashers would appear.” Gray Wolf announced.
And; as if to his assumption, the radar flashers appeared. They ran to the screen to look at a big map. It showed the base in green; and a yellow arrow was above the spot where the flashers were.
“Okay; let’s go with god speed.” Gray Wolf said as he shifted to a wolf; and he started to speed away.
“Alright.” The trio said as Snow Hawk turned to a hawk, Red Raven shifted to a Raven, and they carried off the now otter shape of Silver Otter.

* * * *
“This is where their flashers appeared.” Silver Otter said in an annoyed voice.
“Yeah!” Red Raven said.
“Honestly, that means something is really wrong.” Snow Hawk said.
“Wait a minute. My smelling and hearing are coming around.” Gray Wolf said in a dark manner. “There they are!” He pointed to the shadow of a building.
“That is an illusion! They’re really right there!” Gray Wolf said again.
They moved forward. Suddenly, without warning a figure leaped and landed a well placed kick on his lungs…sending him hard into a dumpster. Red Raven breathed fire and the figure of the coyote was burning. He pulled out a shield and put it to the fire. The fire stopped. The coyote charged.
“Oh no you don’t gruesome!” Red Raven said as he pulled out his axe and swinging it at the shield with fire around the edge of it.
There was a mad clinging sound when the raven fought slicing as hard as he could at the shield. Snow Hawk flew up and was aiming at the mad fighting coyote. Suddenly, right before he let the arrow fly to strike the would be victim coyote, he was blasted by a golden beam. The Golden Eagle stepped out.
“Sorry, but no one pulls the drop on my partner.” Golden Eagle said as he aimed his golden ray gun at the raven. Snow Hawk charged. He banged into the eagle and he lost his target. Instead the eagle knocked his partner out.
“Same here eagle.” Snow Hawk replied.
Red Raven threw a net on top of the now unconscious Coyote. Then he took to the air to help his friend deal with the twice size of him and his friend eagle. Gray Wolf stood up. He ran to the shadow and struck the shadow shield. The shadow disappeared; revealing the sleeping Dark Panther and Shade.
He cut them loose with one of his spears.
“Thanks mate.” Shade said. He also took to the air to help the Raven and Hawk to take down the Golden Eagle.
“Well done.” Dark Panther said as he notched an arrow and aimed at the eagle.
Shade slammed into the eagle knocking him down for a moment. The Eagle flew up and started to attack where the used to be bat was. He looked around.
“Where is that blind bat?!” The Eagle roared. “I will rip his wings off.
“Sorry, he’s not on your menu!” Snow Hawk said as he blew some snow into the eagle’s path. He tarried in air a moment. And flew back up; only to be pushed from behind downward. He flew up and grasped something. The thing he grasped came visible, revealing the bat. He tossed the bat to the ground and pounced on it. Red Raven and Snow Hawk clawed the eagle and flew up. He wriggled free and was about to attack; when a spear sliced at his leg…then, an arrow was about to hit him, but it turned into a net. Stunned by the spear with instant sleeping electricity; and then netted by an arrow from the perfect archer; Dark Panther.
“Sweet dreams; EAGLE!” Gray Wolf said.
“Yes, we will need answers when you wake up; and if you don’t want to be interrogated, I’d speak up when we awake you.” Dark Panther said.
Snow Hawk shuddered.
“Trust me; you don’t want him to interrogate you…” Snow Hawk said, and then a shiver went up his spine. Something edged at him. He felt something he didn’t at all like.
* * * *
When they were all at the base; Dark Static took two electric arrows and stabbed them at the Eagle and Coyote. They both jumped at the shock.
“Aahhh!” The Eagle screeched.
He lunged at Dark Panther. Silver Otter leaped and landed on the eagle, sending him too think twice. Suddenly, the Eagle got the best of Silver Otter; he clawed him harshly. The Otter stunned; screamed. Gray Wolf leaped right into the eagle, and slammed him head first on the wall. He swung him onto the floor. Shade leaped and was on the eagles back. Swiftly; he swung a knife to the eagle’s neck.
“Okay, Okay! You beat me!” The Eagle said in a sly manner.
Suddenly, the Coyote; that had not said or done anything, pounced on Shade. Gray Wolf leaped and sent the coyote sprawling into the wall. Drawing his spears, he rushed the coyote. The problem was; he was moving way to fast. In a swift move, the coyote dodged a second before a spear shafted right where he was a second before, and wedged right into the wall. He tried to loosen it hard, and finally it wedged free; and he tumbled backward. The Coyote swung his shield; and on nice target, sent Gray Wolf tumbling forward into the wall. He took his sword out and started to slice really fast, making Gray dodge wildly. He made a wrong move. The sword would have come down upon the cringing Gray Wolf; but an arrow struck the Coyote and shocked him. Gray grabbed the handle, pulled, and kicked the coyote fla t in the stomach. The coyote went sprawling and hurtling toward the middle of the room. At the same time, the Eagle was attacking shade viciously; until Silver made a nice kick land on the eagle’s chest. He flew into the coyote. Before they were able to recover, they heard a click. They fell back to the floor, looked up to see an axe aimed at them, as well as six arrows, two spears and four arrows from a crossbow. At that, they decided to remain still.
“Okay. Give up. If you move so much as an inch, without being told, you’ll get a nasty shock; with several sharp things aimed at you.” Dark Panther summarized.
“Okay.” The coyote said.
“And I thought the FOX was the slyest animal. I thought eagles were mean and tear things apart, but I never thought that an Eagle could be sly.” Shade thought aloud.
“Aye, we should probably figure him out.” Snow said.
“Okay, who are you?” Dark Panther inquired; he aimed his bow at the captives.
“I’d speak up if I were you…” Snow said; knowing what would happen if they didn’t.
“Well, you’re not me.” The eagle said daringly.
Without warning, Dark Panther let two arrows out of his bow, they both crashed into a terrified eagle. There was a bright light. The heroes shut their eyes tight. The Eagle screamed. He was thrown into the wall. Then Gray kicked him back out to the middle.
“Now; you should probably speak up.” Dark Panther said as he aimed four arrows at the eagle.
Painfully, the eagle let out, “My name is Golden eagle. We come from a society named…” He passed out from such a shock.
“My name is Celestial. I will continue. We come from a society known as the Cold Hearts-“
“Yea, I could have told you that.” Red said annoyingly.
With an angry look at Red, Celestial continued. “Our mission was to bring you guys down. To bring you to them. First, those thugs were supposed to take you out with that ray gun. But, we didn’t think that you’d know. So, Golden Eagle took the ray gun in the shadows, it was meant for him, and shot you. There has been a group known as the Ranger Hunters.” Celestial paused.
“I’ve heard of them. They’re a bit better than us.” Dark Panther said, knowingly.
“Yes. Shadow Spear must have telepathically, given you the info, in the form of a dream. The Cold Hearts live mainly in an ice cavern; as you probably would have guessed. We could join your side. We never really liked them. They treated us as if we were owned by them. The easiest place to take is probably the far west base.” Celestial said.
Suddenly, Dark Panther grinned. Shade smiled.
“Dark Panther. You have a plan. Don’t think I didn’t see that grin. Where do we start?” Shade said as he chuckled.
“Waking up Golden Eagle.” Dark Panther said; trying to stifle a giggle.
“No, SERIOUSLY!” Shade said in a really hysterically.
Dark Panther could not hold it in anymore. He burst out laughing.
Suddenly, Celestial, Snow, and Red all started laughing. The laughing was paused.
“What?” Shade said.
Then they all roared with laughter.
“NO SERIOUSLY WHAT!?” Shade yelled at the top of his lungs.Golden Eagle woke up.
“What? Who? Where?” He yelled as he jumped up.
They started laughing again, also Shade.
Golden Eagle shrugged.
“Okay, heheheee. We need to get on with the oh HAHAHA. We need to get on with the plan.” Dark Panther said while trying to stop from laughing.

How is it?


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