Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Poem and A Thought

Here is a poem that I wrote about a year to two years ago (most likely in between that amount of time):

Dear Little Sister

This little sister in my lap,

Her head on my chest,

Silently taking a nap,

This feeling is the best.

My arms wrapped around her,

My chin on her hair,

Oh I really love her,

She’s forever in my care.

I fear for whoever comes near,

With an evil glint in their eye,

They’ll have to stay in E.R. for a year,

He’ll be hurt just enough to not die.

I do wonder about this:

Does she return my love?

I’d protect you from anything little sis,

You’re as beautiful as a dove.

I adore you more than you know,

You can’t fathom how much I love you,

I cannot at all say ‘no’.

I hope you love me too.

Your sweet little face,

Is hard to resist,

Your loving embrace,

Clears all the mist.

You always rest on me,

You feel safe from all fears,

Sleeping on me,

You slumber peacefully.

I miss you dearly,

Do you miss me?

You make me sing to you,

Not minding my horrible off-key voice,

But you love it too,

It is your choice.

I feel heart-broken when I don’t see you,

Do you feel the same way?

When I hear you joy fills me anew,

I’d love to see you more than every day.

I love you sweet girl,

I miss you dearly,

In my life you are a pearl,

I’d die if I see you only yearly.

This world is very, VERY cruel when it comes to girls, growth, and life. It's values teach girls to act wrongly, and wear next to nothing. They go to desperate measures to keep a guy's attraction, not realizing that she's only attracting him to her body, not the real her. When that comes about and continues, it's nothing but 'hell' for the girl when her 'boy' becomes abusive. She is very precious and special. If you find when you wear practically nothing, and you get guys' attention...that's not attention that you want, because it will only be your destruction. If you cover your body properly, the guy you attract and falls for you will take care of you, and have only your very best in mind, not what he can get out of it.

Also, girls seem to feel like they need to cover up their face with stuff that's made from the guts of sharks and other fish...destroying the natural beauty that God designed them with. Girls must be protected and cherished, not lusted for. The more you can help your guy keep respect of you, the better off it will be for you.


AMP said...

You already know how sweet this poem is... You'd have to be a cold person not to melt into a puddle by the end of it. Anyway...

This is a good message to get out there... Especially from the opposite gender. It doesn't always help when he hear these things from ourselves. It's very sad how confused and altered modern society has girls who robbed from their innocence at increasingly younger ages. It's a painful though, but something can be deterred, if only a little, by speaking out with things like this. So for that, I commend you. ;)

One thing to remember... Girls may not realize how they hurt themselves, but it's the boys that abuse. There is another side to this battle with the things that modern society feeds young men. I won't elaborate, but the world is rapidly altering that side too, and that thought is scary.

As far as the make up comment... Eh... I'm just going to opt out and say I have no comment... At least not one that's worth putting here for the rest of the world.

JadedBlueHeart said...

yep, i agree, lovely and sweet poem. had me wishing for an older brother like that. :]
its so true, about the innocence leaving younger. i'm so glad that a guy out there sees this and speaks out.

B.L.S. said...

I agree, that's why I wanted to say it. And yes, it's really sad (and in fact angers me quite heavily). If I were able to come across a few guys who had done this sort of thing to girls...well, I don't have to go on with that. And that's true, but it has to be a co-op thing. Girls need to cover themselves appropriately, to make it easier for guys to cherish them the way they're supposed to be cherished. And then it's just a little nudging that you have to do to help out the guy to be the perfect guy for his girl. Well, it's just something that I feel, and you know that.

And Jade, I really wish every girl could have that kind of brother. If they did have that bro that cares strongly for them, there's no way that boy is going to let someone who won't respect his sister anywhere near her.

Charli Rae said...

Hm. Wish you treated me like that. :P

TAG! You're it! :D

Karyn Payne said...

I love this poem! I think I said that on Inkpop too...
You know, girls aren't always trying to be seductive. Girls' motives are pretty much nonexistent.
I agree with everything you said, but I will say that almost EVERY girl in the world wears makeup some day. At least all the ones I've known do. That doesn't make it right... but I don't really think it's wring either... I'm just rambling now.
Anyway, all good points, and a GREAT poem.


Hannah K. said...

Howdy, I am Adrienne and Karyn's youngest sister. I really loved the poem. It is very sweat. I agree with what you said afterword also. I hope I can become much more acquainted with you,and your sister.
-from, Hannah