Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Thoughts On This Year And Next

Hidi-ho! Sorry for the long it happens, since I switched laptops...I forgot my password DX Anyway, I shouldn't have that problem anymore, because my password is so simple it may not even be possible to forget it...but hopefully that doesn't give anyone hints to my um, account. Wouldn't want a hacker coming in here and putting up anything embarrassing now, would I?

Anyway, I'm going to stop that train of thought and get to the point of this post: It could be summed in a couple of thoughts on this previous year and what I'm thinking as I look at this one heading towards me.

First off, let's talk a bit about this past year...let's just say I've grown up...A LOT. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how meaningful this year has been to me. I almost lost everything, and in almost losing, God saved me and gave me new things to think about. I learned just how...psychotically insane I can be sometimes. Hm...Maybe that wasn't put well. Let's just say that I learned how useless I am sometimes...and how wretched of a person I am. God's Grace and Love has been written all over the days of this year, that much is for certain. Although it was painful and full of sin, for me, this year has been really life-changing...I wouldn't take anything back. Just comes to show me that God is God and I am not. far as accomplishments have gone this year...well, I didn't really succeed at any of my New Years' Resolutions. I did do quite well with my novels though...but none of them are even close to being ready for publishing. Even the one that is pretty much publishable (However incomplete) is still really far from being satisfying.

Let me turn my focus to the year 2012. What are my Resolutions? My main one for the moment is to pick back up my Bible...more then I ever have before. It's really important, life-changing in fact. Also, I would like to finish the first draft (maybe several) of my new book idea. Then I'd also like to be able to get pretty far into my other novel ideas. I feel like there's more I should say, but I am now mind-blocked.

Happy New Year's! What does everyone do for New Years DAY? People usually celebrate the Eve. In this case, I shall be spending my whole First Day of 2012 doing yard work.


P.S. I shall do more to blog...on several different things. Not just sermons, but maybe stuff from scripture or just opinions on things...I don't know. We'll see.

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