Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Church: The Search And Rescue Team

Well Joe, you asked me for this kind of post, so i'm giving it out. The text we will be taking a look at: James 5:19-20: 19 My brothers, if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone brings him back, 20 let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.

So, the first thing we see is that christians in the church may stray from the truth. The reason I know this is because he says, "My Brothers." That is more or less implying that these people are fellow christians. Some professing christians will stray from the truth. James calls the church to stay alert, on the watch for others following christ, but they're losing the grip of it all. Just because a group of people professed and gave the word that they are believers and know the lord is their god does not mean they are truly saved. Don't look at this the wrong way, I am not saying that you have to say it and do a certain amount of works to be in heaven.

Rather, I'm saying that if the holy spirit is really within you, he will show himself. When our, or my pastor Wayne Brooks said that, this hit me in my mind: "Who among you is a doctor? If a patient comes in with some nasty cut of some sort, will the doctor not tend to you the right way? It will show if this person is false or true. The longer you have been a christian it is more possible for you to stray and wander. Why did you think God made the church? Most likely, it is this truth, one of many others. It is not right for a christian to be alone, saying: "If i'm not around anyone, i will have less a desire to sin." That is one of the many snares of the devil. This is one of his strategies that i learned today: To isolate and conquer. God provides the church so this will not happen.

If you do notice one wandering away, figure it out and then go to him or her. Do not hit hard, but gently. Also, do it alone, to cover it. If he or she still does not turn back on the way, then it is time to bring in the help of others around the church. So, this is the responsibility of every member, not just the pastors. I hope that this helps maybe a little.

Well, we all know how this thing works. Bye. I'm out.


joe said...

I can die in peace.

good post ben. Reading your story next.

Anonymous said...

So far I really like it.

Here are some tips:

Whole entire, you don't need both, one like "whole" will do fine by itself. When your writing people's conversations, read them out loud and make sure they sound natural. Slip in facts here in there mix up dialouge with some exclamations and such. For example: “I will always be with you, even though I won’t be alive. Here, I have this for you. Read it, and find all the components to it, and then you will be ready.” Zyrean assured him." Might sound more natural if you cut out "even though I won't be alive." What's awesome is that you said "Zyrean assured him. Instead of "Zyrean said". This made it much more interesting to read.

Good job! I haven't read all of it yet do to school, but I enjoy it so far.

Mac said...

thank you Joe, as for you anonymous, i don't know what you're talking back?

4girlz said...

She/he's talking bout your book.

Mac said...

I knew that:>

Jincy said...

awesome it was really awesome!! You really like to write don't you? sigh I guess I should better be getting back to my story as well!!

Victoria and Karah said...

Hey Ben this is Karah. I liked that post! I wrote a new story called " Diary of a Wimpy Soccer ref". I will post it on my blog soon maybee...


Victoria and Karah said...

Ben do all your posts end with " Mac over and out"???????