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A Book By this Blog's Writer

So I am just going to take a quick brake and start this blog about my book, as Joe has inquired me to do so. This is a Fun and good book; so just read. You will meet fun characters, and weird names and forward things. This post is going to be just the first chapter.

Justice Unity Heroes
Chapter 1:
The Unfortunate Meet

“Father!” called Zathuran.
“Yeah!” His father replied.
“I am making a trip!” Zathuran said. His father had come to him.
“Well what trip length you talking about” his father said, looking worried.
“Well –“
“Here’s your tea sir” Kareen said.
“Hm! You interrupted me!” Zathuran said (he was really just playing.)
“Sorry sir,” Kareen said, annoyed. (He knew his joke)
“Well as I was saying, I’m going to explore our solar system. As Me and Kareen were getting ready to dive, a thing hit my scope it was Mercury what’s-“
“Was that the round rock thingy that we almost ran into?” Kareen asked.
“YES! NOW SHUSH! As I was saying, what’s Mercury?” Zathuran said.
“Mercury is a planet in our solar system.” His father said.
“May I go explore our solar system” Zathuran said.
“Fine, just stay safe,” His father replied. (Sigh.)
Zathuran prepared for his trip, and left. In no time he was on Mercury. He was walking along the rock when he came to a hole.
“A space creature pit!” Zathuran yelled.
He turned to run, but it was too late, an arm came up from the hole and grabbed him, and he struggled to break free.
“Ah!” “Come on!” Zathuran shrugged as he tried to reach for his sword.
Finally it fell an inch into the hole and he caught it, and he shrieked as he sliced the arm.

* * * *
Mystical Fang knew that a blizzard was coming.
“Rain How much farther” Mystic fang asked the wolf that was the lead wolf in the dog sled.
“Look at the mountain peak ahead, that is our cave,” The wolf replied.
“Good.” Mystic Fang replied.
He was getting sick of the snow; He wanted to live somewhere in a hot forest.
“Mystic Fang, wake up!” Rain said, “I’m going to bring back a lot of meat.”
“Oh, yah,” said Mystic Fang.
He thought about the future, something didn’t seem right. He saw droids and robots, and then He saw himself. Then he saw Zathuran, throwing a title wave of ice. He saw a hawk man with an ax, then he saw a marine, a man like a wolf, a silver man on a flying board, a dark caped figure, a big scary beast, although it was on their side, and that gave him relief. Then He saw nine ninjas, a teenage boy with terrain powers. And he saw two very young ninja like people, with very good agility and fighting. Then he saw another man in the air with an ax. Then he saw the Energy Avengers, and then a Whale King like dude. And then finally he saw a man in a white uniform that had a very strong power, a very strange one. After that, He saw victory, they had defeated the robots. But then He saw Blaze, yes, Zathuran’s arch enemy.
But he saw victory there as well, and then a new team, all of the people he just saw.
He tried to contact Zathuran telepathically.

* * * *

Zathuran could see Earth now. He flew right over the moon, and then He felt a quick surge of pain run through his mind. He fell to the ground, unconscious. Silver Wolf saw Him fall and leaped to his side. He took him to his moon cave.

* * * *

Mystic Fang saw his mistake; he had talked too loud into Zathuran’s mind that knocked him out. He saw Silver Wolf rush to his side. A little howl took him out of his trance.
Rain had made a kill, which sent Mystic Fang flying to the meal.

* * * *

Zathuran woke up slowly.
“I was wondering When you’d wake up.” A voice said.
“Woe!” Zathuran said.
He leaped up and threw a lightning bolt at Silver Wolf. Silver Wolf had no time to retaliate to that move, and it struck him off his feet.
“Uh!” He panted.
He was up on his feet in a second, and Zathuran threw another lightning bolt at him, But Silver Wolf managed to dodge it that time. Silver Wolf threw a weird looking rock at Zathuran, Zathuran tried to soak it up, but it exploded and sent him of his feet. A second later ton’s of moonerwolves were on him, he tried to call them to his team but he couldn’t. He finally defeated all of them, but then a sparkle sent him off his feet. Silver Wolf made a moonrock sword and hit him. Zathuran for once felt weak, he hadn’t thought of being beaten before. Silver Wolf held him in a sparkle field.
“Time out, I’m on your side, why did you attack me?” Silver Wolf said.
“I didn’t quite know who you were, who are you?” Zathuran replied.
“I’m Silver Wolf. I’m a hero of earth.” Silver Wolf said.
“Okay that’s good, you’ll be warned of an attack, and can stop it up here.” Zathuran said.
“Yeah,” Silver Wolf claimed.
“But if you didn’t attack me then who did? Where’s the guy who hurt me? Where did you put him?” Zathuran said.
“No one did, it could have been another hero who telepathically spoke to you, only to hard. Although I don’t know who, do you?” Silver Wolf summarized.
“Come to think of it, there is one person, Mystic Fang.” Zathuran replied.
“Oh yeah, that magic guy, right?” Silver Wolf inquired.
“Yeah, that guy.” Zathuran said.
“Wait, I’m getting a message,” Zathuran stopped him.
His eye’s started to glow.
“Zathuran, I sense evil a little in the future. Return home, quick! Blaze is going to be freed from his dimensional cell, Silver Wolf should come to, for if he escapes, something terrible will happen, I’ll meet you there soon! Go!” Mystic Fang said telepathically.
“Come on Silver Wolf!” Zathuran yelled as he flew upward.
“Okay!” Silver Wolf replied.
He spinned around really fast, and turned into a sparkle form. They flew really fast.
They reached his planet. They went into the cell room. Blaze just got out of the ball like cell with someone standing beside him.
“Zathuran! You will pay, although not here.” Blaze said mockingly.
The other person turned around.
“Inferno!” Silver Wolf said.
“Greetings, Silver Wolf,” Inferno put in, “And good bye.”
“You’re not getting out of here alive!” Silver Wolf said.
“You hit those words hard.” Zathuran said matter of factly.
Silver Wolf flew up and threw sparkles at Inferno.
“Uh!” He yelled in pain.
Zathuran leaped at Blaze. But Blaze hit him in the air. Blaze threw lava at him, and Zathuran had no time to retaliate. He collapsed to the ground. Blaze ran at him, and used all his might, and hit Zathuran.
“Ha!” Zathuran yelled he went smashing to the living room, where his father was just finishing his drink.
“Son? What are you doing here?” His father asked dumfounded.
Before Zathuran could answer Blaze flew into him knocking a wall down.
“Oh getting beaten up by Blaze,” Zorn said, “Blaze!”
He got up and froze Blaze. Zathuran picked up the frozen Blaze, and tossed him into a brick wall. The ice shattered, but Blaze had no time to retaliate. Zathuran already hit him off his feet. Silver Wolf hit Inferno hard. He grabbed Inferno and flew upward using Inferno to go threw the ceiling and up into the sky then he threw Inferno hard to the ground. This was a mistake. Inferno used fire to pull Silver Wolf to the ground and hit him with a fire bolt. He ran around in circles with Inferno throwing fire right on his trail.
Inferno threw a fire bolt right in front of him. He threw a rock at the fire bolt. The rock dissolved into sparkles and he threw the fire at Inferno. Inferno got hit but it didn’t affect him. 4
But Silver Wolf ran up and hit him off his feet. He made a sparkle sword and was hitting him like crazy. But with one word, Inferno made a supernova and threw Silver Wolf. Then white hot, Inferno threw fire at Silver Wolf. Silver Wolf made a moonrock shield and ran up, blocking the fire; he sliced Inferno and knocked him out.
“Well Inferno, you spoke way too early.” Silver Wolf said in victory.
Although Blaze hadn’t been defeated, so Silver Wolf ran to find them. He came to the scene to see Zathuran hitting Blaze. Silver Wolf ran up and made a moonrock sword and shield. Blaze knocked Zathuran off his feet and was going to slice him, but Silver Wolf ran up and sword fought Blaze. The sword stabbed into his shield and Silver Wolf sliced Blaze with his sword.
* * * *

Mystic Fang had just finished his meal.
“Alright Rain, time for me to go. Latrop!” Mystic fang made a portal and walked through it.
* * * *
A portal appeared by Zathuran, and Mystic Fang appeared. Seeing that Zathuran was hurt he walked up to him.
“Leah!” He yelled and Zathuran was well.
Blaze smashed Silver Wolf.
“Sorry, but this looks like unfair numbers right now, so bye.” Blaze said.
He took Inferno and left.
“So something bad is going to happen?” Silver Wolf asked.
“Yep, because we failed.” Mystic Fang replied.
“What is going to happen, what’s Blaze’s plan?” Zathuran asked.
“Well, he’s teaming up with villains around the Earth. He’s going to make robots and attack Earth and make it his planet, and the other villains, although he will be higher. We can’t win alone; it will take all of earth’s heroes.” Mystic Fang explained.
“But who? How? When?” Silver Wolf asked.
“Um, me, you, Zathuran, Nature Hawk, Cymarine, Sky Glider, Rocyress, Dark Static, Malachi and his brothers, Haven Boy, Navy Wing, the Energy Avengers, Whale Rider, and finally Spyglass. Some how bound together, when, I don’t know.” Mystic Fang answered.
“Maybe when the first attacks of robots start, and, I made a change to my name.” Zathuran said.
“Okay I know who everyone is except for Dark Static, Rocyress, and Spyglass. Who are they? And what is your new name?” Silver Wolf asked.
“I know who Dark Static is, we’re old friends. He is the head of the Dark Marines, the best of them. My super name is going to be Sea fire.” Zathuran answered.
“Wow that means that Dark Static is a good fighter, nice name.” Silver Wolf said.
“Rocyress won’t be easy to get on our side; He is the last of his kind, and lives in a whole different Galaxy. He’s much stronger then you are Zathuran, and actually he’s not even human or like us, He’s a beast, 5 times taller then a lion, with golden colored wings, and has a tail and on the end is a spear shaped end.” Mystic Fang explained.
“Okay change the subject, this animal sound’s scary.” Silver Wolf said.
“Trust me, there is nothing scarier, but when he’s on our team, he’ll scare the villains till their unable to fight, but it’s a totally different story about Blaze; he won’t be scared.”
Mystic Fang summarized.

Like It????
Please say if you like it or not and more chapters to come!
Leemac Over 'n Out


Sherlock said...

I like it, Its just really confusing right now. I'll read it again when I have the time.
Have yer pa' check it ou for ya.

LeeMac said...

Well; it's right here for him to check on.

Lazure said...

Whew! That's quite a lot already! It's very superheroish. Very nice, Ben!

Here's a little bit of advice, though: I do not know what any of the characters really look like. A good thing to do when writing is to, in some way, describe the character's appearance somehow at or near their introduction. You don't always have to be like "He is a man with brown hair", though. You can be creative, and fit their description cleverly with the plot or conversation as well.

Good job, though, keep it up!

leemac said...

Thank you. Do you think I should post the next chapter though? Sherlock won't answer.

Sherlock said...

Sure Ben, Post it!
Sorry, I'm uber busy.